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First of all, I am loving these posts, I have certainly found the love for Exploring Edinburgh. I find it so interesting to find new places that I just wouldn't have thought before.  With lots of college work to do, I thought I would squeeze this post in on this sunny Sunday to show you new cute places I found.
If you have any more suggestions just let me know in the comments, it would be much appreciated. 

I wanna start with a place that I have seen a lot on Insta, Circus Lane. It is basically a lane in the Stockbridge area, which has cute houses and a cobbled road. If you love all that then you could love this street, as you can see from the pics it is stunning. 
You can get many shots on this street for Insta, however, it is just a street so maybe don't plan on being there for more than 20 minutes ahah 

Now let's take you to a vegan place in Bruntsfield, Seed for the Soul. This place is quite far out from the heart of Edinburgh, however, it was well worth the walk. My friend Rowan had told me about it, and it didn't disappoint. The place itself is beautiful, equipped with fairy lights, and great decor.  The place is completely vegan, and on a plus gluten-free. We went for the vegan nachos, which were packed with flavour and the maple pancakes which were delightful. 
The staff and atmosphere were very friendly, and we were given a free turmeric coffee, what a bonus!!  Completely recommend. 

The last place, for now, is the Herringbone Goldenacre which we stumbled upon on our way to Leith. We were needing a place to grab a cocktail and have a chatter, and this was perfect. It was such a chilled atmosphere and a very pretty aesthetic, they had a good amount of cocktails and a whole menu worth of gin. I am so glad we went in!!  

Like I said, I am completely enjoying exploring so let me know your favourite places to go?? Have you been to any above? 
Love, Emma 

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