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I love my hair, I love doing styles to it, however, the one thing I put off is getting my haircut. I don't know why it is just something I generally forgot to do. However, when the loving, Rebekah contacted me over at Sesh Hairdressing wondering if I would like to review their Salon, I jumped at the chance. She was very accommodating as to what dates I could do, the communication was amazing, something that I love whilst working with a brand. 

Sesh Hairdressing is based right by the shore in Leith which was perfect as one of my friends lives there, it is such a perfect spot. The inside was just as perfect as the spot, it was my idea of interior heaven, white and black everything, plus chandeliers. It looked fresh and clean, and just overall stunning. 

When I arrived I filled in a survey for new customers,  just to get to know me a bit, nothing too personal (lol). One of the questions was 'What do I dislike about hairdressers?'. I answered, having a salon that was too small and cramped. 
This salon was anything but cramped, after talking to my stylist Rebecca, she informed me that they just got a re-fit in January which opened a whole section for the sinks and an area for another station.  Which gave them more room, and made it feel roomier. 

Like I said my stylist was Rebecca, we first had the conversation of what I wanted, I didn't want a massive chop but my hair at the bottom was pretty dry after dying it blonde over the years. There were many treatments that were on offer, however, Rebecca whittled it down to 3. Three different levels of conditioning treatments, I went with the middle treatment as like I said it was only the bottom half that needed the work. 

I got my hair washed and then Rebecca applied the conditioning mask,  she then put me under the heater to amplify the treatment. (How funny do I look, LOL)

Whilst under the heater Rebecca sat down with me and did an electronic survey with System Professional, it gave me an Energy Code which basically tells me what kind of products that worked well in my hair. It was really useful. 

After the treatment had set, Rebecca added a volumising product to give my hair a boost. My hair may be thick but it is very flat and holds no volume.
I then got my hair cut, like I said, I wasn't looking for a drastic change, however, I asked for a blunt cut with a feathered front. Rebecca took off a couple of inches, taking off the dead ends and most of the blonde. 

My hair was then blow dried and because I was going out for Rowan's birthday Rebecca added some curls into my hair. This was my favourite part, I was in bliss, drying my hair is sooo much effort and don't get more started on curling it. It was just so relaxing, and to top it all off the end result was stunning. 

My hair looked so much fresher, healthier and felt incredible, there is still a little bit of blonde so it really gives it a proper balayage look.  I loved it!!!!!

I was extremely impressed by this salon like I mentioned it was super fresh and clean, and the service was outstanding. They made sure not only I was okay, but my friend Rowan, giving her multiple coffees, she was in heaven. 

What was a bonus, is that my stylist Rebecca's boyfriend grow up in the same area as us so the conversation was flowing and it felt like we were having a catch-up. She always made sure I knew what was going on, and made an incredible job, very impressed. 
I was also given free samples of the products, which I am really excited to try myself, however, I don't think it will be up to Rebecca's level. 

I would 100% recommend and I will definitely be going back.
Thank you to the team at Sesh Hairdressing for my incredible experience, make sure to follow them on their social media. 


 Love Emma

(*Although I did get a free cut, all opinions are honest and my own*)

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