•My Summer Highlights 2018•

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I have been back home for nearly 2 weeks now and all I am thinking about is summer, so I thought there was no time like the present to share my summer highlights.
 Just like last year, I spent my summer working at Camp Tanuga, it was once again an incredible summer. 
I started my summer off with going tubing with the other staff members, which was a perfect way to catch up with everyone and meet the new staff. It was also the best way to start my summer. 
The water theme continued throughout the summer, as one of my days off I went jet skiing with Sarah. Jet skiing was an experience,  I think I spent most of my time screaming my head off and holding on for dear life as Sarah done 10 doughnuts in a row. Her aim was to throw me off but I held on and came off once,  taking her down with me, soz ;)
Other days off I spent in my favourite place Mackinac Island,  riding around the island on a tandem bike and trying endless amount of fudge. We only crashed once (or twice), which I think was successful, the main issue was trying to coordinate the push off which we eventually nailed.
 Also, a group of us hired an inflatable unicorn and lived it up in Petoskey State Park beach, which became a camp highlight for me.

Days off were so much fun, however, the real action happened at camp,  I was SOO fortunate to be given my girls back from last year both 1st and 2nd session, and when I say my girls, I mean it, they are my precious lil babies!!  I have never met a brighter fun group of 9-year-olds in my life and it was such a pleasure to be their counsellor for a 2nd year. 
Whilst at camp I got to be part of a camp skit showing my great acting skills ;), and also got to celebrate the fourth of July again. One of my favourite parts was getting all dressed up for Friday night dinner, feeling somewhat human. I loved getting my girlies ready; braiding hair, painting nails and putting some eyeshadow on them. This was so satisfying seeing their pretty faces all ready for dinner. 

On top of all that, I got to spend my summer with some of the best people, and share memories to last a lifetime. I met some fabulous people and I miss them all so much!!!

Following camp, I travelled with Ashton and Sarah to Indiana where we spent a lot of time on Ashton's family's boat, where I got to go tubing for the first time, this was so much fun. Sarah and I  then made our way to Florida to visit Sarah and her family. I spent a lot of money shopping but we also got to meet up with one of my campers family, it was so lovely to see her again.  

Thanks for another GREAT summer, Tanuga. 
Love, Emma

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