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You don't know how long I have been waiting to upload this and use these products! Like I mentioned in my Gift guide, Lush do Christmas right so it was a must for me to get my share of the festivities! 
It just gives me to so much joy and happiness to use Lush products at Christmas, it just creates such cosy, great smelling atmosphere!  As it is now the official run up to Christmas  I thought I would share what I have picked up!
(I actually went in on two separate occasions, hence different pictures!)   

My all-time favourite scent of Lush has to be Snow Fairy, I am very much a sweet scent gal, so this is perfect. It just gives me so many Christmas feels. Every year I feel need to stock up on it, which is why most of the products on my list is Snow Fairy related (LOL), so here is my Snow Fairy set. 

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £4.25 (100ml)
Candy Mountain (Snow Fairy Scent) - £3.25

I also wanted to try some other Lush Scents,  I had to pick up Luxury Lush Pud as it is now a tradition for me to use it on Christmass eve! The snowman is cute, however it did lose its nose and it just looks too funny! Two Front Teeth just looked so interesting and Christmas Sweater just smelt Christmas in a bomb!

Luxury Lush Pad - £4.50
The Snowman - £4.25
My Two Front Teeth - £3.95
Christmas Sweater - £4.50

I honestly can't get over how close we are, it has just flown in! 
What have you been up to?? 
I hope you have a fab festive week, let me know if you have picked up anything?
Love Emma

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