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Can we talk about the fact it is the 1st of December tomorrow??
 I am honestly so excited, I have been waiting patiently for this day to come! Whyy??? Advent Calendars of course!!! With all these amazing beauty Advent Calenders I thought I would go and treat myself to one (or two). 
There were so many beautiful calendars, however, wayyy out my price range, so when I had a look on Superdrug and saw these two I knew I had to get my hands on them.

I haven't actually tried any of their products before but I have heard amazing reviews. With this calendar, you get 25 gifts, each full sized products! As you can see you can kinda work out what each is roughly going to be, however, the shade will be a surprise!  
The packaging is gorgeous, I am a sucker for Rose Gold, and I only paid £25 which is a complete bargain! I can't wait to open each window and try each product!

First of all, this is just the most gorgeous packaging, it just looks so pretty on my dresser!!  As you know I love Tanya's products so I have been eyeing this for a while, I bought it when I realised it had Glitter pots inside!! That is right up my street especially at this time of year!!
With this calendar, it only has 12 windows so I think I will open them every two days, as I can't wait for 12 days before Christmas aha

Make sure you Follow me on Twitter and I will let you know what is inside each day!! 

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!!
You then cannot not have a chocolate advents calendars, I went with a Thorntons and Galaxy one!! Thornton's always have gluten free chocolate so that was a must and for the first time the Galaxy calendar did not contain or may contain wheat or gluten so I had to get my hand on that!! I also have one that my mum makes up and put on our wall so  I will be fine for chocolate for the next 25 days!!

I have been working hard on the different post for this festive period so I will be posting twice a week in the run-up. I was going to tackle Blogmas but I just have no time, quality over quantity right??
I am, however, giving my blog a festive make-over tomorrow, so make sure you check it out! I have already changed my footer, do you like??
Hope you are having a festive day!

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  1. I had no idea that Thornton's chocolates are gluten free, I need to suggest them to my best friend who is always struggling to find GF options! I can't wait to find out what's inside your advent calendars, especially the Tanya Burr one!!


  2. Love this post. I can't wait to see what you get every day in them! 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com | www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  3. Can't believe it's December tomorrow! These advent calendars look amazing! I love the Tanya Burr one!

  4. You have all of the Advent calendars that I wanted but couldn't find. I'm so jealous right now. lol

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. I can't believe the makeup revolution one was £25 and you get 25 full size products... £1 a product!! I should have definitely picked one of those up!


  6. Ahh I can't believe it's December tomorrow! So excited to open my advent calendar though! I love the look of the Tanya burr one, I've never tried any of her makeup products before so this looks great :)

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. Love this post! I've got the Tanya Burr calendar and i can't wait to open it!



  8. The Make Up Revolution calendar looks amazing and such good value for money! I've never had a beauty calendar but hopefully one year I will. Chocolate it is for me!

    Hannah | alongsidehannah.blogspot.co.uk

  9. The packaging of the tanya burr one is so cute, right? x
    Morgan // justmorgs.com

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  11. Can't wait to see what you get in these, they look fab! how exciting that it's December tomorrow! x

  12. I do love the packaging on the Tanya Burr calendar. It's so cute!x

    Claire | www.clairesyear.com

  13. I love the packaging on the Tanya Burr one!


  14. Ahah so many advent calendars! I am so jealous! I haven't got mine yet! I wanted to Marks & Spencer one or the Makeup Revolution one... I may go for that one but will have to hurry I guess. Getting one for makeup and one with chocolates is a fab idea! May do this too as well ahah! xx Corinne from COrinne & Kirsty

  15. omg this is such a cute post and definitely makes me SUPER excited for christmas!! ahhhh! those advent calendars look amazing! x


  16. I have the Tanya Burrs calendar and think I might copy your idea of opening it every 2 days! Can't believe how fast this year have gone x


  17. Love this post Hun. I'm so excited to start my feel unique advent calendar!! Looking forward to reading all your festive posts! I'm over on ‪ http://bethmeganh.co.uk/ would love it if you checked it out xxx

  18. I'm so annoyed I missed out on the makeup revolution one. Such good value for money!! Great post, it's good to treat yo self hahaha

    Lots of love

    Izzy | www.ADoseOfChatter.com

  19. AAAAH I also have the Galaxy one! Yum! I love advent calendars and loving the beauty ones too! Fab post :) xxx
    Rachel | www.rachelxblog.com

  20. I really wanted the MakeUp Rev one but my mum wouldn't buy me it! I've got a Lindt and Dairy Milk one this year as always :) like you say, you can't not have a chocolate advent calendar! I can't wait to see what goodies you get though!

    Sian x

  21. Where has this year gone?? Its gone sooo fast.

    I love advent calendars, i got a Lindt one. you get mini reindeer chocolates, lindor snowball chocolates, and a giant santa chocolate on day 24

  22. I had a MUR one last year & I loved it, this year I have the M&S one! So jealous of how many you have!



  23. If I will buy any calendar especially wih chocolates I'm pretty sure its going to be empty in the next 2 hours!!


  24. You reminded me to have today's chocolate! How on earth did I forget?! I've got the pointless blog one this year as my chocolate as I was ordering my little sister in law one too, and I managed to get myself the TB one reduced on Superdrug quite some time go so pretty chuffed about that!! Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx | www.debrabow.com

  25. I really wanted the Make-Up Revolution calendar but I couldn't find it anywhere :(
    Can't believe you get 25 full products in it....so jealous!!

  26. OMG you've got Make Up Revolution and Tanya Burr! I'm so jealous! Hope you enjoy them!