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I still can't believe Zoella Lifestyle is a thing, a beauty range was one thing but a home and  lifestyle range is another level. I am still so proud of her so I couldn't pass another opportunity to pick up some of her new range. After a few struggles of finding stores that sell it and delivery issues, I finally got my hands on it. The whole range is gorgeous and right up my street, I wish I could off bought the whole range!

The quote, first of all,  just suits me perfectly, I love it!! The colours are also so pretty, grey, white and baby pink are my all time fav combinations, I think they work so well together. The back of the cushion is super soft, and would be great to lay on.
However, I will say that I am slightly disappointed with the size and the front. For some reason, after watching Zoe's Apartment Tour I thought it was going to be bigger and maybe better quality. The back is so much more comfortable than the front which isn't a massive deal, I just thought it was going to be softer. Nevertheless, I do love it and it is a great addition to my room!

How cute are these?!?! I actually just bought new storage pots but they were too cute not to buy. I love the quirky saying and the colours are two of my favourites. I am keeping the 'Pick Me' pot on my dresser with, as you can see,  my Kylie fam and I am putting the 'Blooming Marvellous' pot beside my bed to keep my new pencils  ;)
You could use these for many things, keeping plants, pens etc They are super handy and fit perfectly with my room!!!

YESS I GOT IT!! I GOT THE BACKPACK. When I saw Zoe posting this on Snapchat I fell in love. I have been looking for a new backpack so this was perfect, the price, however, was a little bit off-putting. Nonetheless, I decided to go for it as you do get a few bits inside. 
'Write On Point Pencil Collection'
  I love the adorable sayings and the colours, they fit perfectly in my new pots beside my bed!
'The Key To Inspiration Keyring'
I probably wouldn't have bought this but I do love the rose gold and I
love the message! 
 'Warm Hands Travel Mug'
I love this, I have been looking at buying one of these so it is a win-win, I love how it is a screw lid so I won't have to worry it spilling and again the saying is too cute. 
The bag itself, like I said, is beaut and I honestly can't wait to use it (Although I don't wait to ruin it! :o)

Overall, I absolutely love the whole range,  I wanted some of the candles but I feel that I have to go into Boots or Superdrug to give them a smell. 
What I love the most is how simple the branded is, I was worried the name 'Zoella' would be splash everywhere but they have kept it very simple with a 'Z'. 
I am very proud and I hope Zoe keeps growing her profile!

Have you bought anything from Zoella Lifestyle, Let me know what you think??
Have a great day! 
Love Emma 

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  1. You're so lucky, love the backpack I am so jealous!! great post x

  2. I totally love all these cute things! I need to get some nice stuff for my apartment too :D


  3. I absolutely love the plant posts and the mug! I get paid tomorrow and ive been waiting to buy them. So excited X

  4. These are so cute! I haven't bought any of Zoella's stuff but may have to get some of this stuff! xxx

  5. When I first saw the tweets about this lifestyle range I got so excited! So jealous that you already have these things, it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I've heard so many great reviews about this range! Gorgeous pictures and great review lovely. X

  7. Thanks for sharing this - I'm so tempted to buy everything and this makes me want to EVEN more!

  8. Great post xx I love the Zoella lifestyle range I really want to buy everything ahah 😂

  9. Love the idea of a screw on lid for the travel mug! Great post x

  10. Excellent post & your pictures are fabulous. I really need to work on my blog photography!

    That naps fix everything pillow is my kind of thing! LOVE IT!

    1. Aw thank you so much, just keep practising!!! xox

  11. Lucky you, that's quite a haul! 😍 The backpack is seriously adorable but I'm not sure I could justify a £50 price tag haha!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thank you!!!! mm I know, its £26 now in Boots xox

  12. Literally all I want in this world is that mug and I can't get it sent here - it sucks! I am so jealous of everything you bought though! You definitely got some amazing things! :)

  13. Great post and photos. The Zoella home range looks lovely, especially the storage pots.

    Sharon x

  14. All her products look so pretty, she's done a great job!


  15. I've been trying to get my hands on the pillow but its sold out everywhere! i want the cup and notebook to!

  16. When Zoella posted her video I just thought all of it looked so pretty - and now, what with your post, I just really want *all* of the pretty things!

  17. I want so much from this range!

  18. Wow I need to keep up to date never knew she did a homeward range now they look really good too !! Pixie xx

  19. OMG! Can I just come to your house and take these home with me? Ugh so jealous! I'm a sucker for stationary and cute little must haves! 💗💗💗💗 I'm in love with this post! Great write up and I'm definitely getting these! Hope they ship to the U.S!!! KeepingupwithMJ.com xxx

    1. Thank you you can if you want ;) Hopefully soon xox

  20. Love your photography! The pots look so cute!

    Hannah | alongsidehannah.blogspot.co.uk

  21. Just can't get over how perfect this whole collection is!! I mean who better than a blogger to design homewear but still, i want it all! Fab haul, the cushion is my fave too I think ❤️

    Lots of love

    Izzy | www.ADoseOfChatter.com