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So as the Summer is officially coming to a close, the nights are getting shorter and the weather is definitely getting colder, and all I want to do is just have a cosy night in with friends. I recently had a super relaxing night in with Rowan so I thought I would share what we got up too. 

First stop was to get food, I had just worked a 9-5 so I was starving! We opted for Wagamamas, I have been Wagas a few times and since I have a gluten intolerance I have to make them aware. They have always been so kind with their service towards me. If you have any allergies then they bring you out a booklet, yes slightly embarrassing but it tells you what you can and can't eat, as well as what can be modified.            
 I will say the staff at the Edinburgh Lothian Road store were more helpful, nevertheless, the food was fab, I went for Tamari Chicken. Catching up with Rowan and having her great company just set the evening off.

After we got back we had a Snapchat binge, we had so much fun with the filters, as Rowan's phoned just updated, (follow my snaps). Then it was  time to take off our makeup and throw on our pj's. I used Emma Hardie's cleansing balm to take  Rowans and my own makeup off. Despite the fact she lost her nose ring down the sink, I think she liked it. 

Nothing says a Girls Night without some Facemasks, I actually just picked these up at Boots for a £1 each. I used a honey mask to help with my breakouts, whilst Row when with a cucumber mask to help clean her skin.  The consistency was actually like honey which was so bizarre, but after a while,  I got used to it! It was a peel-off mask so the fun comes with peeling it off our faces. 
I feel like I need to invest in some proper face masks to help my skin more, but these worked great and really did clean my skin.  

After all that relaxing,  it was time to relax some more with Netflix's, snacks and tea. My favourite snack has to be Twirls so I picked some up, again at Boots, along with some popcorn.  We watched Bad Neighbours all because of Zac Efron and Dave Franco, but also because it is a great film :) 
We then watched 'The Fundamentals of Caring',  whilst sipping on our cup of teas. I have actually never heard of this film before but it was actually really heartwarming and such a feel good film. It starred Selena Gomez and Craig Roberts (who was in Tracy Beaker) and I would 100% recommend watching it on Netflix's. 

Then, we were tucked into bed by 10, joke, we stayed up and just had major girl chats!! It was so nice to have a night in like this, it was fun but also cheap. 
What are your must on a girls night?
Do you have any recommendations on Facemasks for normal to oily skin, let me know?  
Also, does anyone know any good lighting that would help improve the quality of my pics at night time, I know they are not the best?
Love Emma 

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  1. I love Wagamama's so much and the fact they're always so helpful. This sounds like such a fun night, full of giggles as well as relaxation! It may be worth getting a sample of the Blue Corn face mask from Body Shop to try, it's quite nice and I think it's meant for normal/oily skin!

    Pandora xo

    1. Thank you, oh I might have to pop into the Body Shop and check it out!! xox

  2. If honey helps your breakouts then should buy some manuka honey and use it as a spot treatment, it helps a lot!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. lovely post - love wagamammas! xo


  4. Amazing pictures even in the darker light! I always spot the Twinings tea in Tescos haha I'll have to pick up some. Must have for me is a good DVD and butter popcorn! Steph x

    1. Thank you!! They are so good! ohh butter popcorn, sounds yummy! xox

  5. It sounds like a good time! Great post.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com/2016/08/review-protector-by-jodi-ellen-malpas.html

  6. Awwh this looked so much fun! Chocolate is always a must on a night in ��

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Looked fab:) x

  8. Love a girls night in, haven't had one in ages! :)

    Anna | FarewellMay

  9. Looks like you had a lovely night in! Always a sucker for girls nights.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  10. This looks so fun! Popcorn is definitely a go to when it comes to a girls night in X

  11. This looks like the perfect girl night! I actually watched The Fundamentals Of Caring the other day and I personally loved that movie so much.
    Great post xx

    Sofia | www.theglamchapter.blogspot.com

  12. Love this post, I want a girls night in with my best friend now too! x


  13. Sounds like the perfect girls night! I've never had wagamamas before, but it's good how well they accommodate you if you have an allergy!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  14. It sounds like you had so much fun! I need to have one of these soon! Xx

  15. Loved this post. I normally pick my face masks up from Superdrug too! I just check what they are aimed for but they always leave me feeling refreshed x