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July has actually been a long month,  I turned 21, I went to see Beyonce, I then I got sick. It took a while for me to actually get over my sinusitis and finally get back to normal.
 Now that July is nearly over, I need August to go quick so Autumn can't come fast  enough!  However, it is that time of the month to talk about what I have been loving!

 My number one favourite HAS to be the book All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. If you don't know it is part of Zoe's Wh Smith book club. I picked up a few books but by far this was my favourite, I generally couldn't put it down. It is probably one of the quickest books I've read. It's happy and it's sad and hits the emotional feels!!!

My blog related favourite is Twitter blog chats, if you don't know there is a great blog community over on twitter and over the last few weeks I have got myself involved in these chats. It is nice to speak to others that share the same passion as you, I also find that I get great blog ideas as well as making friends. I would certainly check them out.
 I actually set up a new twitter for my blog, just click on the picture and make sure to give me a follow!

Next favourite has to be Tanya Burr new nail polish in 'Soft Pajamas', I did a full review on the Soft Luxe Collection but by this is is my favourite. Like I mentioned, I haven't been using it as a matte nail polish but I have been loving the colour. I have reapplied this so much this month, I feel in the Autumn it again will be a firm favourite.

Make-up favourites this month goes to Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Foundation. I actually bought this back in May coming back from Malta, but I just using it now. As much as it is the lightest shade I still find it a wee bit darker than what I am used to. It is a little oily than I am used too, however, it is still great coverage.

I am going to group these last favourites together as there are all birthday gifts. I never got round to write a birthday haul as like I mentioned I got very ill and I lay on the sofa for over two weeks. Nevertheless, most of my gifts have to be featured in my favourites.
Firstly,  my Princess necklace and my Pandora ring from my Sister Sarah,  I had actually asked for the  ring, it matches my Tiffany bracelet and I just think it is simple but effective. However, the necklace was just a lovely surprise and the cutest thing ever, because I AM a Princess ;) (Thanks, sis <3)

Next, up are the three perfumes I received. Now Chance Chanel has been my favourite since my 16th birthday but I had run out so I was very grateful for my parents buying it again. 
Then two new perfumes from the girls from my work, (shoutout Saahliha, Louise, Jorji and Sarah), 'Emporio Armani-Diamonds Rose' and 'Calvin Kelin-Down Town'.
Both I have been extremely loving this month! I always stick to the same perfume so it is great to have a few more to add to my collection!
I want to thank everyone that got my gifts for my birthday, I really appreciate them!

Let me know what your favourites have been in the month of July?
Also if you have any group/chats you are involved in?
Love Emma 

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  1. These are all such lovely things and that Tanya Burr polish is gorgeous. Loved this! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  2. great post - love a good twitter chat too! hehe xo


    1. me too, I am just getting myself involved and I love it! xox

  3. Great post - All the bright things is also a favourite of mine!

    Lauren | laurmatthews.blogspot.com

  4. I love that perfume too! Great post xx

  5. All The Bright Places is one of my favourite books! So heart-wrenching </3 Lovely photos too - that princess necklace is so cute! Perfect for you ;) Xx

    1. Thank you, ahaha, I know, the crown is just so me ;) xx

  6. I love your collectips! I'be gotten the book to go away with at the end of august.
    Please may you follow my blog and I will follow you back!
    Amy xx