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I know this may be a little late to post but I have officially bought all the shades of Kylie's Lipkit I want (unless she brings out another fab colour).

I want to do the cliché thing of talking you through how I got my hands on these must-haves.
 The first two, I bought back in February was just luck. I was on the bus coming back from work and my friend Keira had texted me saying they were sold out. I clicked on the page just to make sure as I always failed at timings before, luckily they were still on sale so I popped Posie K and Koko K in my basket. I was super excited as the transaction went through and that was that. About three weeks later, my order was delivered with no issue. I have worn Koko K every time I have gone out.

The second time when I tried to get my hands on more, was when her glosses came out. I put a few in my basket and within 30 seconds of trying to finish it, it told me it sold out. I wasn't too disappointed but it was just annoying!

Then a few weeks ago I finally found out the time of when they went on sale like I said I have worn Koko K so much I was getting kind of bored. So I set my alarm and stayed up to get them. I live in the UK so I stayed up until 11, I know 11 big wows, But I am just a granny and I am normally tucked into bed at 10! 
Anyway, 11 came and with great anticipation, I added two to my basket. I purchased  Exposed and Candy K. Placed the order and I have been tracking them for OVER two weeks. Although it took two days to get to London from Los Angeles, it took over two weeks to finally arrive. Unfortunately, this time,  I had a £16 handling fee. I wasn't that bothered as the last time I didn't but it still sucks to pay.

I think my collection is just the perfect set of nudes and pinks.
Each kit, as you will know, comes with a lip liner, the lip liners apply very smoothly as they have a creamy texture. Some people love that but as I have mentioned I have quite small lips so I find drawing or filling my lips easier with Mac liners, which are harder. They are great products and give great colour. 

Left to Right; Posie K, this colour was a lot darker than I thought it was going to be. I think it is to do with my skin colour, I have pale skin so it stands out more. I also find it harder to wear because of that,  as you can see where I filled in my lips. If I have fake tan on I think I can pull it off.

Koko K;  If you Follow me on Instagram then you'll see that every 'selfie' that I take I hashtag 'Koko K'. It has worked its way to my favourite ever lip product, to the point it's getting boring. I still adore the colour, and I feel I will definitely be repurchasing.

Candy K; This shade was always on my next shade to buy list, as you can see it is a shade darker than Koko but lighter than Posie. I am excited to wear this out, I think it is a super wearable everyday colour.

Exposed; When Kylie brought out this shade I had to get it, it seemed like the perfect nude.
However, now that I own it I feel it is a lot more orangy than I first thought. I am still excited to wear this, but it seems like a different colour on my skin.
I like the colour of this liner more than I do the Lipstick, which I suppose isn't a bad thing.

 Overall, I love the kits. The consistency, I find, is great, maybe a little bit drying for the lips. However, I lick my lips a lot, so something that holds onto to my lips is great. The colour is highly pigmented and like I said have a great staying power.
Since the first order I placed they have changed the brush, it is a lot smaller than it was before. For me, it doesn't matter but I know some people had complained. 
Price wise, I think it is great, you are getting a liner and lipstick for somewhere around £33 with shipping and if you get it, the handling free. 
Do I think people buy it because it's Kylie Jenner, YES 100%, do I think there are dupes out there, yes? But I think for what it is, they are fab products! 

Let me know if you have bought any and what was your experience? 
What is your favourite shade? 
Love Emma 

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  1. I love the look of Posie K! Your little collection looks perfect, I'm so desperate to try them for myself! x

  2. I want Kylie's lip kits so bad, but they're always sold out and unavailable in my country :(
    Those shades are all gorgeous, thanks for sharing it xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

    1. no problem, I know she did the biggest restock ever, and they may still be online z

  3. I really like candy k but not sure its gonna look good on my skin complexion.
    Chanté|The Enchantéd Blog