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I just want to apologise for the lack of posts, I have lacked creativity and motivation the last few weeks but I promise to try more with my posts.
Anyway, I thought after my 'Top Lips' got a great response I would share my Top/Favourite highlighters.

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated 'Luminous'

This is the one of the  newest highlighters to my collection, I received this from my parents at Christmas time. 
I wanted to get a golden highlight and when I seen this a feel in love. 
I will say, although, I use it as a highlight, it is more of a shimmer. For some people it would be too much but I love it. 
This actually can be used all over your body. I haven't used it all over my body yet but coming into the summer I think it will be perfect to give yourself a glow. 
The packaging is so pretty but it is quite a big box, which is impractical to carry with you. :(
However, like I said it gives healthy glow so I love it!

Mac Cinderella Beauty Powder 'Mystery Princess'

The Mac Cinderella collection (haul here) was probably my favourite collection they brought out, I wished I purchased more! 
Although this is a beauty powder,  I use it for highlight. 
I have very pale skin so for days that I want to highlight but don't want to go too much I use this. I find it gives a subtle shimmer on my cheekbones.
It was also the first highlighter I bought last year so I have to feature it as one of my favs.
The packaging is as beautiful as the product which is a great bonus! 

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish 'Lightscapade' 

Just like the 'Mystery Princess',  it gives a subtle highlight. But with this one I can build it up to give an even better glow.  This also have less glitter so its applies smoother. 
Again, it is also great for my pale skin. 
I had been looking at 'Soft and Gentle' but I thought this looked more interesting.
I am so glad that I did, although I feel that I don't use it as much as I should but it is 100% one of my favs. 
The only thing that bugs me is that it has no mirror, I suppose they can't put mirrors on all products but I find myself looking through a clear bit of plastic haha

Hourglass 'Ambient Light' Palette 

Next up, it one of my most used Highlighters. I purchased the Ambient Light Palette last year and I have loved it ever since. 
I love every shade in the palette, although I tend to mix them all together and apply on my cheek bones. 
I do love Radiant Light as a contour/bronzer and I love Incandescent Light to dust over my
I just think that the palette gives a beautiful glow and makes your skin flawless. 
Like I said, it has been my go to product since last year! :) 

Nars  Illuminator 'Copacabana'

Last but not least, Copacabana. I received this for my Christmas from Keira and I am just getting used to using it. I had been eyeing it up for a while so I was very excited when she bought me it. 
Obviously, it is a liquid highlight so it took me a while to get used to it but what I tend to do it  it apply foundation then apply this, it gives a great glow to the face. It is very light weight and with the trend of strobing happening I think this would be perfect! 
100% one of my favs!!

Let me know what your favourite highlighters are?

Like I said I am sorry I haven't been committed to my blog, my blog is something that I really enjoy so I would hate to stop. Let me know in the comments any ideas you would like to see :)
Hope you are having a fab week :)
Love Emma

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  1. I have a Wet n Wild highlighter but it's not so intense. I really want to try the Mary-Lou Manizer. Have you try it? xx

    aishettina.blogspot.it || #GGCommentSwap

    1. I actually haven't, although it looks amazing!! I have heard good things about it!! so go for it ) x

  2. I have the high beam from benefit and I'm thinking it's quite similar to copacobana although I really want to try it! I love that fact it is light weight as well! X


    1. I really need to try High Beam, its probably the only thing from Benefit I haven't tried :) You should 100% try Copacabana! x

  3. Ahhh I'd love an Hourglass palette in my life!