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Hello guys, how is everyone? Are we over the Easter over indulging or do you have eggs left?? 
Anyway, I am back with another haul. I feel that I do haul a lot but I find them the best to talk about and easy to write! Rather than a beauty haul I thought I would do a home haul. 
I didn't however buy  them at the same time, but over the last few months I have accumulated some cute stuff that I thought I would share. 

The Tapestry I purchased from Amazon, you can't see but it covers my whole wall. It has a super cute Indian pattern with elephant and flowers inside. I went for black and white to fit into my room.
The back two cushion are from Matalan, I absolutely love the left cushion, it has rose gold colours on in so it fit perfectly with my room.,
The front cushion is from Primark, as you can see I am loving elephants right now so it works great on my bed. 

I actually purchased these both yesterday at Homesense.
As you can tell I am going through a major Bohemian phase right now,
I have been looking to buy a Buddha for a long time so when I seen this cute little one I had to pick it up! It is silver and black so it will fit right into my room.
Along side this fake plant. I really can't take care of real plants and to be fair I hate bugs in my room so it is a no. Fake plants are just easy and they look pretty. I do want to buy more for the summer but this is a great start.
Next few things are just a few random bits I picked up.
First one is this weekly planner from Waterstones. I've seen a few of them in different shops but I liked this one. Although I just realised that it doesn't have Saturday and Sunday which is annoying but it should be great to help me get my life together.
I then picked up more LED fairy lights from Primark, they are a bargain at £2.50 and it gives great light.
And lastly from TK Maxx I got an Essie Gel Setter set. I love the colour for Spring but I also haven't tried a gel setter  before so I am excited to see how it works! 
I am thinking about doing a Room Tour or a Dresser tour so let me know if you want to see that? 
Have a great week! 
Love Emma 

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  1. I neeeed to get to Homsense immediately!! Obviously Zoella goes on about it, but your stuff is so cute! I love the idea of green grassy plants like that and also metals atm! Hmmm.... I may go on an online spree now!!

    Eb x


    1. Yessss you need to, they have some really nice stuff! Thank you :) x

  2. I LOVE the tapestry. Could you post the link? I desperately want one. Also love homesense, I've bought so much from there recently including two gorgeous Indian lamps. I've got a bit of an addiction!

    1. hey, I have linked it on the word 'The Tapestry' :) Ohhh I feel that is the next thing I need to buy, new lamps! Me too aha :)

  3. I love that tapestry! I'm going through a total boho phase with my bedroom decor at the moment too, there are just SO many gorgeous things in stores at the moment. Also I'd love to see a room tour! :)

    Lauren X

    1. thank you, me too ahah! So true, there is super nice things! aw fab, I am planning on at the end of May, thank you! :) x