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So if you don't already know I am currently on Vacation in New York! We haven't done the tourist sight as of yet but we have 'shopped till we dropped'. 
One place that we were rather successful in was Soho. We had heard really good things about this area so we thought we would have a look! After walking almost 2 hours from Times Square to Soho and then having lunch we were ready!

lol at me in the sunglasses!!! ;)
The first stop was Kate Spade, I am a big fan of Kate Spade after purchasing a purse and bag back in Florida last year. I wasn't particularly looking for anything but when I saw this notepad I had to get it!! I've mentioned before that I love Gabrielle Aplin, one of my favourite songs is 'Sweet Nothing'. So it made perfect sense to get this handbag size notepad. I also love the pastel pink colour.   

The next shop was Aldo! I hadn't heard of this shop before so it wasn't sure what to expect.
They had some super cute items but I went for these pair of sunglasses!   
I have quite a big head so finding a pair to fit and suit me is a challenge! 
I love the shape and love the colour!
Next stop was Brandy Melville! I love this shop, it has some really quirky tee and great summer clothes! It was however so busy that I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of trying things on!
But I did see two items, first is the New York hat in the first pic!
I am away to Malta in May and it will be hot. I am not really a hat person but I thought this would be cute to keep the sun off my head!!
Next thing in BM was the NY keyring! This has no other reason than I thought it was cute!! ;)

We then popped into Urban Outfitters and I picked a Sigma Tapered Kabuki brush! I was so tempted to buy the whole set of Sigma brushes, but  I restrained! The brush is so soft so  I thought this would be perfect for the next item from Sephora.

Anastasia Contour Cream Kit! I have been looking at this for a while but I haven't wanted to spend a fortune for it!! But I used the excuse 'I am on holiday' and purchased it! 
I haven't used it yet but I am super excited to try it!!

It was such a long day but it was so successful and worth it! It was nice to see areas that we hadn't before, and it was a great workout. Hitting 13.14 miles on my Fitbit!
Today we hit 5th Ave so let me know if you would like to see a haul?
The next three days are sight seeing day which will be amazing!! 
Hope you are all well! 
Love Emma 

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