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Hello guys , As you may or may not know, I am heading to America very soon for my cousins wedding. As the date is getting closer I am preparing myself for the flight. This will be the longest flight I have been on so I thought I would share what I am taking with my on this long haul flight.


Keeping myself occupied is number 1 , I haven't been a good traveler so I really need to keep myself busy. 
The most important to me is music, music has always helped with travel sickness. So I will be taking my IPod and my IPhone. (Excuse my cracked IPod screen). My choice of music will probably be Taylor(obvs), Meghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran.  This will help to entertain plus drown out any screaming babies that happen to be on my flight ;)
To accompany my electrical I am taking my Power bar, having everything charged throughout, like I said is super essential so this is just a back up just in case. I find Power Bar super useful and I would recommend them.   

While I said that I need my music to keep me entertained, I am going to take a few books with me. I have't really had a chance to sit down and read, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I am still working my through Eleanor and Park so I thought this would be a perfect time to finish it. I am also taking 'Looking For Alaska', I have been wanting to read this for forever so now is my chance. 
I have also packed a few lighter reading book, Ed Sheeren .... And Love Tanya. These will be perfect for the flight but also for when I am sitting next to the pool :)

The one thing that I am most excited to take with me is the Mindfulness Colouring book. Ever since I bought it I have always had it planned to take with me. I hoping it will be very relaxing on the plane and help me get through the flight.


Being comfortable is also super important , so I will be taking my head cushion. I received this a few years ago for travelling and it has done me well. It is super comfy, as I have been on short flights before I know this will be super comfortable.

Although I am heading to Las Vegas, I have been advised that the flight will be highly air condition. I would however be too cold than hot but I will be taking a blanket. This blanket is fast becoming my favourite. I purchased this blanket when I was at Taylor Swift last week. It was quite expensive but I feel I will get my wear out of it. It is soft and will be perfect for this flight. 

I am quite a heavy sleeper so falling asleep wont be that much of a problem, but just in case I am taking my eye mask with me. I tend to wear my eye mask at night anyway but this is to help my fall rest on eyes on the flight. 

I could probably keep writing and writing but I these are
 the things that I feel will help me get through the flight.

Like I have mention 100 billions times I am going away
so my posts may not be as regular as normal but I will try. 

Sunday is my birthday so let me know if  you want a birthday
haul. I do have something planned, 
Hope you are all having a great day.   
Love Emma 

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