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Hey guys, so I thought I would do I quick haul post. I went on a shopping spree yesterday and got quite a lot of beauty items but I also went into Topshop. I am going to America in the summer so I thought I would pop in to see what they had. I pick up a few things.

As it is going to be super hot over there I was looking for something that would be very cool to wear. I have never really been one to wear crop tops but I thought I would step outside my comfort zone.

The first one as you can see is very plain. It is just a simple top to wear with high waisted shorts or trousers. I am planning to wear it when I am on the plane, I think it would be super comfortable and it will keep me cool. It was £6 and it does come it different colours.

The second one was love at first sight. I love the Aztec pattern and the embroidery. It has been described as 'Very you'. I also love the lace detail round the hem of the top. The would be perfect for an everyday outfit that can be transition into an evening outfit. Again this would be perfect for the hot weather. This was £22.

The last item I picked up is probably my favourite. I have been looking for a pair of sandals for ever. I wanted a pair that looked nice but also would feel comfy on my feet. These were perfect. They are super comfy. The leather straps makes them fit nicely on my feet. These were £28 and I am super excited about these.

Over the next few weeks I will hopefully be uploading more fashion and holiday posts. Like I said I am away in July and I am buying items as I go.
 I do however have a few hauls of the other items that I purchased from yesterday, so keep an eye out.

        Let me know what your favourite holiday/summer shops are?
Love Emma 

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