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Firstly, as a teenager, I was very prone to mini breakouts, a few spots on my chin and forehead. However, as I got into my 20's my skin got progressively worse, my forehead and chin would constantly be covered in spots. It wasn't the worst ance you have ever seen but it certainly wasn't crystal clear. 

Over the years, I tried everything, any product that beauty blogger said was amazing, from Liz Earle to Emma Hardie, but nothing worked for me.
It wasn't until my sister Sarah talked to me about 'knowing your skin', that it made me realise that I wasn't really thinking about what I was putting on, I was just shoving it on and hoping for the best.
These pictures below have been taken over the course of the last year in which my skin was at its worse. As you can see, my forehead, chin and down my neck were the worse areas.
It isn't the best pictures, purely because I didn't like taking non-makeup pics.  

Now, that is my BIGGEST tip, get to know your skin. Products that make people glow can make you look worse, trust me I know.  I have slightly dry cheeks, and an oily t-zone and chin area, which can be a nightmare to find the right products. 
However, I finally did. I wanna talk you through some products that really helped with my skin. 
The picture was taken in the last month when my skin was at it's best.

To start it off, the biggest change in my skin routine has been these products below. Mario Badescu: Flower and Tonic Mask and The Ordinary: Granactive Retinoid 2% In Squalane.  

Mario Badescu: Flower and Tonic Mask

It is my all-time favourite facemask, for a few reasons.
 Some purifying masks can strip the skin, feeling very harsh, however, this is very gentle on the skin, whilst still doing its job. It is a very easy application, dries very quickly and evenly. It doesn't feel heavy or restrictive on the face which some mask can feel. 
 I use a facecloth or cotton pads for effortless removal. It leaves my face feeling very smooth, clean and refreshed. It also calms down redness that I have from any breakouts and removes excess oil from my face. 
I have been using this twice a week, and have really seen the difference in my skin. 

The OrdinaryGranactive Retinoid 2% In Squalane

I hadn't really dived into using The Ordinary skincare products, I had heard some great things but it just sounded very complicated to me. The Ordinary is all about finding the right combination for your face which did put me off. However, my sister, Sarah found this for me. 
I have been using it for the last 7 months and it has done wonders for my skin. 
I use a droplet every night, seeing a massive difference, on my forehead in particular. It has removed any excess oil from my face and has helped the pigmented of older spots. 
It is a  thin consistency that feels light on my face, with no overpowering scent, which is a bonus.
The only ''bad'' comment would be, I had to be careful during the summer, due to the Retonials leaving your skin easier to burn. Using an SPF is recommended whilst using this product. 
Nevertheless, I HIGHLY recommend having a look at The Ordinary Products.

I also just want to add that if I am having a bad skin day, which I still have, I still use my trusty old Sudocrem, applying it at nighttime on any raging spots.

The last two products are two Glossier products. Glossier: Priming Moisturiser and Glossier: Milky Jelly Cleanser.

Glossier: Milky Jelly Cleanser. 

When I originally bought this I wasn't the biggest fan, I didn't think it really worked, however, now I swear by it. I use it every morning and every night to freshen my skin. The light formula makes my skin feel soft without having to use a lot of harsh chemicals. 
In terms of removing make-up, I think it is perfect to remove a minimal face,  however, I  do need to use another product (Soap and Glory) to help with heavier makeup, using the jelly cleanser as a second cleanse.  
With the combination of the other products, this has assisted in the clear up of my face.

Glossier: Priming Moisturiser

When it comes to moisturisers I get nervous, I have oily skin so anything with the word 'hydrating' just puts me off.  In spite of that, I thought that I would give this a try, as it came in a set that I bought. I use it after I have cleansed, and I can have noticed the difference in the texture of my face. It isn't too oily which has meant that my dry cheeks now feel hydrated and soft. The more oily parts of my face haven't been affected, they just feel clean. It doesn't feel sticky and doesn't have a strong scent which is great.  
Furthermore, I have also seen a big improvement in how my make-up sits and stays in place, for a long period of time. 
Like I said above, with the combination of the other products, this has assisted in the clear up of my face. 

Like I mentioned it's all about knowing what is right for your skin, but trust me you'll get there. 
Let me know what your go-to skincare products are? 
I am looking for a product that helps with red cheeks, so if you know any, let me know?

Have a good day!
Love Emma 

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