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If you don't know I have been gluten-free since 2012, it has become a lot easier now to get GF products and food in restaurants, most places have gluten-free menus.  However, I always find going abroad a lot harder and one place I have been a lot is Disneyland Paris. Every year I tend to research to see if they have added any more detail to information about allergies but it just seems to be the same. I thought I would share my tips, experiences and my Best and Worst Restaurants.

First things first breakfast, most restaurants are buffet styled. The fruit and veg are gluten free and most of the meat plus you get hard boiled eggs and omelettes. If you ask one of the waiters they will come out with a basket of free-form food, Cake, bread, and crisps bread. My mum had an omelette on the bread, it isn't the best bread but its something.
I actually put ham on the crisps bread, took some fruit and ate this for lunch.

Which leads me on to inside the park, obviously the waffles and crepes are off limits, however, the popcorn is gluten free as well as the toffee apples at that time of year. Most of the crips are gluten-free just like the chocolate. You just have to check, lucky for us gluten is gluten in French.
One really great thing is that Disney's ice cream they use is Ben & Jerry's, so it was really easy to work out what was GF, just ask it without the wafer. I went with Peanut Buttercup, which was heaven!!
I would say, nevertheless, take food from breakfast and bring snacks with you just in case.

Top Places to go:

Planet Hollywood- This is the one of the best! They have an actual GF menu. I would avoid the pizza if you don't like frozen pizzas, however, they have amazing Gluten free buns/rolls that can be put on any burgers. I went with the chicken burger which was yummy!! The menu is great and has a wide selection.
It is however quite pricey and it's not excluded in any half-board offers. But in my opinion, it is so worth it!

Restaurants De Stars- We did a little more research this year and found this place was great. It is a buffet and we were a little worried as buffets can be hit or miss, but this was a major hit.
The best thing was that they knew exactly what we were talking about and had an allergen menu for us. (Sorry about the pic, I felt awkward as the waiter was holding it!)
They have a great range of salad, but also rice, stew and the best part was the meat. They had the chef cut the meat for you. My mum and I went with the ham, rice and veg.
They also had a range of deserts, trifle and the floating island was the winner for us.
We actually went 2/4 days as we loved it so much, this is included in the half board deal.

Places to bear in mind:

Inventions- Disneyland Hotel: This is a buffet style restaurant, just like breakfast, however, there is a lesser choice to eat. If you like rice and simple veg then it's the place for you.
They weren't as clued up as Restaurants de Stars, no-one really knew what we were saying and it was just awkward. They had fruit and sweets for dessert and that was it.
I feel like most restaurants will be the same, I would just ask. Not the worst, but not worth the money!

Rainforest Cafe- They don't have a gluten-free menu, but they are a bit more clued up. The steak and salmon are GF as well as the Cobb Salad. I have also had the Ceasor salad without dressing and croutons.
If you like that they bear that in mind, it is very expensive though so maybe not worth it either.

Walts Diner-  This is a recent find, this restaurant is located on Main Street.  Again they don't have a GF menu but they are willing to try,  just like Rainforest they have salads. Ask without croutons and it is perfectly fine, again maybe not worth all that money for some leaves and chicken.

McDonald's: If you want a cheap simple meal, then maccy dees is the way to go. You can only eat the chips, plain salad and burger without the bun but like I said it is cheap and quick!

Places to avoid:

Cafe Mickey: They have a set menu which does not include GF products

Annettes Dinner: One of the worst, if you have looked up gluten-free in Disney then you'll know that they have an allergy meal. Annettes never even tried to make anything for us, they gave us the allergen meal, and I would highly recommend avoiding! It is a microwave meal, and not great at all.

Lastly any burger places, ie Videooplis: They just sell burgers and have no GF product.

My biggest advice is to do your research, take snacks and just don't worry!
If you have any more questions just ask!
Have a great time in Disney!
Love Emma

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  1. Thankfully I'm not gluten free or even alergic to anything (that I know of!) so I don't have to worry about the different types of food available when I go abroad, however I can appreciate that it can be pretty difficult for a lot of people! I'm sure this post will help anyone heading to Disneyland soon as you included some great places to eat here! xx


  2. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive guide, Emma! I had no idea that you were gluten free, and it sounds like you still had a fair few options at the Disney Park, although those microwave meals from Annette's diner sound vile! Ugh! The Restaurant De Stars sounds fantastic with great clued-up staff, that's very important! Your photos are gorgeous and I'm always happy to see more pics from the most magical place on earth!

    Abbey 🍂 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. I'm not gluten free but this is a great and informative post for those that are and are thinking about visiting Disneyland Paris! I've been Disneyland Paris a few times and haven't eaten in many of the restaurants because they're so expensive but I've been to Annette's Diner and the Rainforest Cafe.


  4. Oh it just looks so magical! I hadn't really given any thought about how difficult it must be to have specific dietary requirements in a place like Disney where sugar and gluten is everywhere! Brilliant post :)

    Holly x
    Hollys Beauty Box

  5. I'm not gluten free myself but this is such a helpful post as I haven't seen anyone talk about this! It's great that you've provided this guide for people x

  6. This is a great post, thank you for the info! I'm
    Gluten free too!! ❤️❤️


  7. This is such a useful guide! Really does show that you need to do your research before you go! Thank you so much for sharing! xo

    Hanney | www.blogabouthanney.com

  8. This isn't something I have to worry about but I can imagine this is such a useful guide to so many people. I can't believe the standard microwave gluten free meal was the only choice in one place, it sounds terrible. It sounds like some of the places are very clued up though which is fantastic! Xx

  9. Thankfully I don't have to worry about gluten-free as none of my family are gluten intolerant. But I'm surprised that a resort such as DLRP doesn't cater properly for you across all of its eating venues. I've not been but I do havw friends that want to go so I've bookmarked your post to show them. Great review and thank you!

    Lisa |www.lisasnotebook.com

  10. Thankfully I don't have to worry about gluten-free as none of my family are gluten intolerant. But I'm surprised that a resort such as DLRP doesn't cater properly for you across all of its eating venues. I've not been but I do havw friends that want to go so I've bookmarked your post to show them. Great review and thank you!

    Lisa |www.lisasnotebook.com

  11. This is so interesting! I never thought how hard this must be for someone who is gluten free or has other allergies when they go away! I’m actually going to Paris in a couple of weeks and almost booked to go to Disney Land but as it’s our first time in Paris and we’re only there for a few days we decided to wait another time. Luckily I don’t have any allergies though!

    Ellie x


  12. Thankfully I do not have any food intolerance's or allergies. I've seen family members struggle when going out to eat. I hope more place becomes aware of the struggles and make it easier.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  13. This place looks so good, all this food damn! I've never felt the attraction to disneyland but it does look pretty! xx


  14. I’m not gluten free personally but my friend is as she has a severe allergy so I’m going to share your post with her for when she goes to Disney in January xxxxxxx


  15. Omg, what a VERY interesting post. You did a great job with this and its honestly something I would have never thought to write so for someone else that is GF and need to prepare beforehand and know whats available this post is PERFECT. I know with me, as a vegetarian I like to prepare myself when going out with friends for meals and stuff so I don't panic on the spot if I can't pin together a meal thats suitable so I can't imagine what its like for people with other food requirements, this will hopefully make that trip a little bit easier. Good on you and great post!

  16. I am going to DLP in just over a week and I am intolerant to gluten and lactose and am finding it hard to find restaurants where I will be able to eat. I have heard that the allergy meals they provide are like microwave meals and are awful so want to stay well away from those. Not sure where to go that will be safe. I have been to Disney in Orlando and they are fantastic with allergies there, just wish DLP would follow suit :-(

    1. They have a very little selection of GF places to go, but Restaurants De Stars is your best bet and one of the best places? What hotel are you staying at?