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Personally, I find Lush Christmas the best season for Lush products, maybe it's the scents or the cute decorations, either way,  I knew I had to get my mitts on some of their products!  
So I have seen so many Lush Hauls going about, that I thought I would change it to my favourite Christmas products that I bought! I narrowed it down to five that I think you will love.

I picked this up 1. For the name, as you can't get any more Christmassier than Mistletoe, (and yes Christmassier is a word lol) and 2. For the colour, it is just so pretty! I hadn't tried this before so it was the first one I actually popped in the bath! It gave a great purple/pink colour in the bath with a floral but wintery scent!! Perfect for this time of year. 

I am so excited that they brought this fella back this year, he is one of favs by far! The bath bomb itself is just so adorable, however, the scent just wins it for me!! It is the bomb version of Snow Fairy, which is my all time favourite scent from Lush. When you pop this in the bath it actually turns a vivid green colour which always surprises me as I think it should be red lol! If you love sweet scents, you'll love this! 

This bath bomb is perfect to use just before you go to sleep, it contains lavender oil and benzoin resinoid which is soothing and calming for a relaxing bath. This also makes thee best bath, it is so multicoloured, it feels like you are bathing in a rainbow!! I may have to go shopping for another ;) 

Again, I just love how cute this is, I mean look at it!! It has a lovely sweet Strawberry scent, not too fruity but,  just right if you love sweet scents! This bubble bar can last a long time as you can just crumble little bits and pop them in the water, depending on how bubbly you want your bath to be! Just the look of it makes it a must-have at Christmas!!

Lastly, my holy grail, if I could re-stock this all year round I would. It is the bubble bar version of Snow Fairy and like you know that is my fav!!! It is honestly the best smell, and it just reminds on of Christmas! Just like Peeping Santa it gives great bubbles! It is so pretty and I adore the name! Make sure you go into Lush and smell this as it is 'lush' ;)

Like I said this is my favourite time of year, and Lush does not disappoint! I know there are so many Lush Hauls but I just wanted to share my favs this year, make sure to let me know what you have been loving this year from Lush!! 
We are just two weeks to go!! 
I also want to give my sister Sarah a BIG shoutout as it is her birthday today!! Love you!!  


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  1. The Candy Mountain is adorable, I bet it smells amazing too! 🎅🏼 I love the look of the little Santa bath bomb as well! Thank you very much for sharing your haul! You picked up some lovely stuff ✨

    Abbey 🎄 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. I really want to try luxury lush pud because it looks so colourful and fun! 😍 I've never seen the mistletoe one so I'm intogued by that.. 😱 I love candy mountain though, so girly! x

  3. I got a massive lush Christmas Haul on launch night and I didn't get a single one of these but they all look AMAZING!

    Kim x www.sisterofthemoon.co.uk

  4. the christmas collection is sooo cute! love the santa :) xXx


  5. Oh gosh I love candy mountain!


  6. Loved this post! I really want to try the mistletoe bath bomb this year it looks so pretty. Also one of my absolute faves is the Father Christmas bath bomb, smells gorgeous! I just love Lush haha X

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. I absolutely love the Lush Christmas range, I've literally just picked some up, they smell devine and I can't wait to start using them! Great post.
    Sharon x

  8. I really need to pop down to lush and pick some of these up since I'm running out! Mistletoe looks absolutely fab!
    -Olivia Xxx


  9. Christmas is definitely the best season in Lush!! Love the lush pud and I love when Snow Fairy comes back into stock!!


  10. I love peeping santa! I also love the Christmas penguin bubble bar you should try that! Xx


  11. I love luxury lush pud! Definitely one of my festive favourites xx

  12. Ahhh this looks amazing, I'm yet to get something from the lush christmas range but I have my eyes on so many things now!

  13. Ohmygosh, I need these! Im so sad I don't live near a lush!

    Karina | http://karinahearts.com

  14. Just give me allllll of the Lush!! They always go hard for Christmas and I love it. I can't wait to go near one and just buy more bath bombs.

    lisa | www.fairlyrosy.com

  15. My bath is not very deep so I'm more of a shower girl - it's a shame because LUSH bath bombs look like so much fun and oh my goodness, how cute they are!


  16. i love mistletoe so much but golden wonder and stardust have to my favourite lush christmas products ever.


  17. Some really good choices! I haven't had chance to go to LUSH and get any of the seasonal range yet but I'm making it a mission to go before Christmas day! x

  18. Oh I absolutely love Lush! All of these sound so great. I'm going to have to try and pop in sometime soon to get a few last minute presents for people

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  19. Oh babe, I love Lush so much too! It was such a lovely read seeing what you got at Lush. Thanks so much for sharing <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com | www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie