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I am going to quietly get excited about the fact that October is over and it is finally November, honestly though this year is going way to fast and it seems like yesterday I was writing last month's favorites!! Now that Halloween is over it's all be about Christmas, NO COMPLAINING!!  

I am going start by mentioning something not pictured and that is Michael Bublé's new album 'Nothing But Me'. I am just a big fan of his music (esp around Xmas) and I so glad he came out with a new album. His voice is so soothing and calming, it can put me in such a good mood so quickly. I kinda want to see him live again, now that he has new music. 
Although such bad news about his son Noah, he is so young it breaks my heart! Hope he gets better soon! 

I actually started to use Zoe's Cosmopolitan as a prop but then it worked quickly into my favs, I love her long hair, and the pictures are so fun and gorgeous! I enjoyed reading the mag, I might start buying more as it was nice to read something away from the screen! Good job Zoe, killing it! 

The theme of Zoe continues as I have been loving watching her last years Vlogmas, it all started when I wrote my Blogger Gift Swap post. I just got in such a Christmassy mood, I think I binged like 7 of her videos in one day lol. I am generally so excited about this years Vlogmas!!! 

As the nights are getting darker sooner I have been all about the fairy lights and the candles and getting all cozy. It just makes everything to atmospheric and pretty, I have also been loving using them in my blog pictures. They are a fab for any flat lays, especially coming into the festive period!! I may have to buy some more ;)

My make-up favourite has to be the Sleek Minis, I honestly love them, my favourite has to be Birthday Suit however I have been loving all 4!!! Good job Sleek! :)

As you would have seen by my Bath and Body Work Haul I love candles, I have been burning them all the last few weeks and I will say that my favourite has to be Pumpkin Pecan  Waffles! Like I said it is 100% my level of sweetness, you can smell both sweet and nutty notes. The scent is so strong I can still smell it hours after. I wish I had bought a bigger one as it is slowly burning out! :(

Food-wise, I have been lovinggggg Monkey nuts. Now I don't know why they come out at this time of year but I just know that I stock up!! They remind me off when I was a child and my parent would play the 'Monkey Nut' game at Halloween. They would scatter them all over the floor and my sister and I would be blindfolded trying to get as many as possible!!! ahh the memories! 

And Lastly, I have to mention my new short hair! Now I am not going say that I wanted it this short but I am growing to love it!! I was sick of the blonde in my hair and really wanted a change! It feels a lot healthier however it takes more work to maintain it!! I have to straighten it quite a bit and I can't just throw it up in a top knot or bun anymore! Either way I'll have to get used to it, plus my hair grows pretty quick!!  

The next months are my favourite months and I am so excited, I just placed an order a Christmas order on Asos! eeekk!!!

What have you been loving in October? and what are you looking forward this month?
Have a great 5th Of November! 

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  1. Oh i love Zoellas vlogs. So excited for Vlogmas videos!!

    And monkey nuts... your favourite?? Thats a healthy one. I'd be choosing cake or something 😂😂

    Mike || MikeVlogsYT.blogspot.com

  2. I can't wair for Vlogmas either! I'm going to attempt it this yeah :)
    I also loooveee candles! Although I prefer cinnamon to pumpkin.

  3. I love scented candles too! I always love hearing about peoples favourites so might have to pick the pumpkin peanut waffles one!

    G x


  4. I love the sleek matte me lips and scented candles! Oh those toffee popcorn crispies are making me hungry lol! Fab post lovely! :) xxx

  5. Sounds like you've had a great month, Emma! 💖 Your monkey nut Halloween game sounds like so much fun, what cute memories! It's so easy to binge watch Zoella's videos isn't it? I know how I'm going to spend my afternoon! Thanks for sharing ✨

    Abbey 💐 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  6. That candle sounds amazing. I really want it myself now 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com || www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  7. I really enjoyed reading Zoe's edition of Cosmo this month, and I'm still so desperate to try out those candles! x

  8. I'm dying to get my hands on a Bath & Bodyworks candle! Pumpkin Pecan Waffles sounds like it would smell amazing! Also, so excited for Zoella's vlogmas to!

    Karina | http://karinahearts.com

  9. Scented candles are the best, especially the Christmas one! The Sleek minis are so cute and love all the shades!

  10. I'm loving Michael Bubles new album too! Have always loved his music. So so sad about his son though, just heartbreaking X

    Tiffany X www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  11. I can't wait for vlogmas and blogmas. They always put me in such a good and festive mood. Michael Bubble's songs are always incredible. He is such an amazing singer, isn't he? xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  12. I absolutely love Bath & Body Works! Still need to try out their candles though so I may even try out this one! x

    - Andreia (http://www.andreiaprietox.co.uk/)

  13. Fairy lights and candles are most definitely always favourites of mine! Zoellas vlogs are so easy to binge watch, I often lose hours!


  14. Love these kinds of posts. Sleek makeup is my favourite brand and I've just treated myself to the contour kit which is fab. I have my own wax melts business (www.homeofcloud9.co.uk) /!: have the pecan waffles fragrance available. It's one of my favourites too and really autumnal. I loved the zoella article in cosmo too and can't wait for vlogmas. Fun post to read thanks xxx www.hannahscloud9.com

  15. I really want to try the Sleek Minis, your hair looks stunning by the way!!

    Amy x


  16. Such a lovely post to read. I agree, I love Zoe's videos, I find them so calming! X

  17. I loved reading the Zoella article! I agree that the magazine made such a good blog prop!

    Serena / http://ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk

  18. I gotta say, short haircuts are always so bomb and it takes so much to do. Glad you love it. I'm actually going to take a look more so I can see your pictures lol. I gotta check out Zoe's article. First time hearing about it💞💞💞
    KeepingupwithMJ.com xxx

  19. As soon as I clicked on your blog I felt so cosy and warm! It makes m feel so autumnal. Good job gal! Also, I must purchase this candle, it looks lush! x

  20. Those toffee popcorn crispies, they're amazing. They distracted me! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's all about fairy lights at the moment. I have some masquerading as my new lamp lol! Am looking forward to Christmas too!! So you won't hear any complaints from me.

    Lisa | http://www.fairlyrosy.com

  21. Candles and Michael Buble are my favourite things this time of year ! lovely post ! Laura x

  22. Great post hun :) october is my fav month !
    Beautyfruity17 on all social medias x

  23. Sounds like you had a great month! Cosmo is one of the few magazines that I actually buy still; I love those Sleek minis too! Great post once again :)

    Sian x

  24. A flatlay with Greggs in is a winner from me! I also agree with Michael Bub, he screams Christmas right? I also love the video title "World's Needist Pug" !!

    I love a new hair revamp, waiting for my friend to become free so I can go brown!! SO EXCITED!

    Lovely post xxx

  25. I'd love to try some things from Bath and Body Works; I don't burn candles that often, but if I can find one that has the ability to fill my room with a beautiful scent then I am all for it! Yankee Candles can get quite expensive, but I want to give those a go too, maybe starting with a small wax melt to get a taste of the brand. Great post, I love reading about other people's favourites!


  26. Birthday suit looks like such a pretty nude! And I completely agree about loving EVERYTHING Michael Buble does haha, especially around Christmas time. I just got back from Florida and almost took that same candle home but went for a couple different ones in the end!

    Great post

    Love Izzy | www.ADoseOfChatter.com

  27. Lovely post! I love watching Zoe's vlog too and i'm also so excited for Christmas!!!!!