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At this moment in time,  I am sitting in my room bundled up, with my fairy lights on,  candles burning and  feeling pretty cosy.  What makes it 10x better is that I just got my hands on my Bath & Body Works candles, you guys know how much a love candles so I thought I would share a mini haul. 

I live in the UK so this is the first time I have got my hands on any B&B Works candles, I asked my Auntie Diane who was on holiday in Florida to bring me some back. After seeing Zoe's massive haul I had to get my hands on some!
I got 3 minis for $12 and 2 medium candles for $20!  I obviously couldn't smell them so I wasn't going to get the big ones just in case, also I can't really burn them for a long as I think I may be allergic haha I just can't stop sneezing, nevertheless, I still burn them!

These are the scents I have:

  'Caramel Pumpkin Swirl' 
This is probably the sweetest out the set, I love sweet scents and this is verging on sickly! However, I do love the smell of Caramel and that is what this is, I can't really smell the pumpkin that much as the  caramel takes over! Burning this candle for a short time does the job as it is pretty strong!

'Pumpkin Pecan Waffle'
I loveeeee this candle, Again I can't really smell the pumpkin but you can definitely smell the pecan, it smells like home baking with a hint of spice.   This is my level of sweetness and I am in love! It is not too overpowering however it leaves a nice smells hours after.  This is such a win!!

'Pumpkin Apple' 
This has to be my favourite, it literally smells like spiced apples. It is still quite a sweet scent with a hint of spice.  It is such a fresh Christmassy scent and I think it will be perfect for coming in after a super long day, getting all cosy and snug. I am so happy that I like it as I actually got the medium sized one too!

'Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin'
This is the one I was most excited about, this is 100% a Christmas candle, and just screams Christmas!! I find a lot of Cinnamon candles quite strong and overpowering, however, I feel like this is a lot sweeter, as the name says! This will be a definite win at Christmas time, for sure!!

I am so excited to burn these in the next few months, what are you burning?
Have you tried any B&B Works candles? What are your favourites?
Have a fab Sunday!

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  1. I'm seriously addicted to scented candles too, haha. I haven't tried these ones out yet though.
    Have a great Saturday!


  2. Loved the backgrounds in your photography- very nice!!

    Also what are these candles like compared to Yankee Candle based on how long they burn, and how strong the scents are?

    Mike || MikeVlogsYT.blogspot.com

  3. Your background and photography are gorgeous Emma, amazing! I love your room! You should try get some of the Christmas scents, they are so good!! Great post x

  4. Such gorgeous photos, Emma! Your snapping skills are on point! I love the sound of pumpkin pecan waffle, that combines three of my favourite things! I bet your room smells good enough to eat with these burning!

    Abbey 😇 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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  6. Haha love that you might be allergic but you're burning them anyway! Everything for B&B Works delicious candles :) Just smelled the pumpkin pecan it's gorgeous!! I picked up a couple while in Florida from the winter collection and I can't wait to burn them once I'm home. Great post and your photos are on point!

    Lots of love

    Izzy | www.ADoseOfChatter.com

  7. Amazing photography!!

    Lots of love, Debra-Bow xx | www.debrabow.com

  8. These sound divine, especially the pumpkin apple one as I love anything apple scented. Love the photos you took too. Great post xxx

  9. These sound amazing! I really want to try more stuff from Bath and Body Works. Thanks for a great post, and your pictures are awesome! 🌸💕💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com || www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  10. Ems, your pictures are insane, love it girl! Great smells, and the Caramel Swirl Candle sounds amazing!!! Maddi x

  11. I got my mum to get me some back from America this year! I got the pumpkin pecan waffles and they are amazing X

  12. Oh wow these sound absolutely amazing! They are also super pretty and make for great blog photos!

  13. I'm so sad that the UK don't have a bath and body works!! I want their candles so bad and these ones look so good! I love your images too lovely xx Melishiascorner.wordpress.com

  14. those candles look lovely! the packaging is so cute and i LOOOVE your photos xx


  15. I loveeeeeee candles so much so I need all of these in my life! Especially the caramel one because I love caramel so much! x

  16. These are AMAZING for Halloween and fill me with such an Autumn themed feeling!! Great post lovely. X

  17. Little bit in love with the photos on this post, fab ! So jealous of these candles they sound like they smell amazing, and the packaging , loveee! Bath And Body Works need to come to Ireland ! Laura x

  18. I have never actually had anything that is pumpkin scented but these look super cute so I'll have to test these out!


  19. I absolutly love candles. So jealous of this haul! Enjoy them! @jamesofthinking

  20. Love the pictures! And ahhhh, Bath and Body Works, will they ever come to the UK?! I have a load of their antibac gels and lotions, but I've never been to the US at this time of year so I've not tried the Halloween-y flavours, and I've also never got candles there. I'll have to have a look in future trips! And OH I am a sucker for anything pecan so I bet that smells AMAZING!

    Hazel - fleurcharms.co.uk

  21. I need them all *heart eyes emoji* they sound wonderful tbh. I really wish we had these more readily available in the UK rather than having to order them in from the US but they look wonderful. I like the sound of the cinnamon one.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  22. I desperately want to get some of their candles. I have friends who live in the states who'll send them to me as gifts thankfully but I wish we could shop for them! Gosh, well don't burn them too long if you think you're allergic. Lovely post!

    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com

  23. I need to smell all of these! Bet they are amazing. Fab photos too :)

    Sian Marie| www.sianmariebeauty.com