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So on yesterday I said Goodbye to being 20 and said hello to being 21, it is pretty scary. Saying I was 20 was bad enough but now I am 21. I suppose in the UK it isn't that big of a deal, it just means the next time I am in America I can actually have a drink and enjoy the nightlife. ;)
My 20th year has been jammed packed and I would say one the best years of my life, so I thought I would do a major throwback and look back at  what I experienced and what I achieved!

Starting the day after I turned 20 was the biggest and the most exciting thing I think I have ever done, and that was finally making my way over to America. If you have known me you will know that I haven't been a great traveller, so the fact that I jumped on a plane to Las Vegas was a big deal. Spending time in Las Vegas was like a dream come true and seeing Ryan and Joanne marry was even better. The whole atmosphere was amazing, the Lazy River at the MGM Grand, where we stayed, was one of my highlights! 
Then if I thought Las Vegas was great  going to Florida was even better! Staying in my family home and enjoying that Florida life was just the best. The shopping, the swimming, saving baby turtles,  more shopping, and making it to the Parks was just the best!  Harry Potter world was again a dream come true, I remember when it opened I never thought I would make it, so it was beyond exciting to be drinking butterbeer in Hogsmeade. Those 3 weeks just set the year of for me and  I just want to thank everyone who made it happen especially my mum who was my saviour, taking me to the parks and bailing me out when I overspent at Victoria's Secret! ;)

After getting back to reality,  I went to see Gabrielle Aplin in September! I have been to several of her gigs and every time she delivers, I met her again after the gig, she is one of the nicest people to meet!  It then  marked my mums birthday so once again I took a trip with my family to Paris. Disney is just a magical place to be. It was great to finally make it back into Central Paris seeing the Eiffel Tower and just soaking in the atmosphere ! It is certainly one of my favourite places to visit. Despite what has happened recently I would love to back. 

Very soon after we got back I went to my last One Direction concert. Being a fan for so long it was emosh that I might not be seeing them again, after the last 5/6 years, which is insane! It was an amazing send-off and a great night.

Then it was Christmas, it was all fun and games at the start but when you are laid in bed for the best 2 weeks of the year it is just no fun. The low point was certainly getting my ear infection and literally  feeling sorry for myself watching Xmas movies on my sofa. I did have a great day and got spoiled!
It was also sad as it was the anniversary of my Grandad death and also the first year without my Grandma! 

Things, however,  picked up as the week ending and starting the new year consisted of a family party, a Hen night,  a New Year Ball and my cousins Shelley and Elvis's wedding! 
The excitement then carried on to  my first NTA in London, getting VIP and seeing the show was amazing.  Also getting myself on  tv again was super cool! ;)

Life was pretty quiet for the rest of January and February, but it was leading up to one of the best trips EVER. NEW YORK. I was never going to New York until January when  Steph and Amy asked if I wanted to go, I obviously said yes and within a few days, my flights were booked  and I was good to go. I could talk all day about NYC but overall it was great for my confidence, but maybe not for my bank balance. ;)

The end of March and April were pretty chill, however, May was another exciting month for me. After 10 years we finally made it back to Malta! It was so nice just to relax by the pool with family and have a major chillout. It was pretty nostalgic being back at the hotel but I can't complain and I had an incredible time.

To finish my 20th year, I had a fab birthday night out with the best people, and a great day on my actual birthday! I want to thank everyone who bought me gifts and wished me well.

Reflecting on last year, I think I achieved and accomplished a lot. It wasn't all about trips, it was about pushing myself that little bit more. Number one would have to be meeting some dogs. I have had a fear of dogs since I was very little and to be able to say that I can be fine with the dogs 'in my life' feels great. Thanks to Ailsa and Leo for being good sports ;)
Next up, would be finally putting a deposit for a Camp in America for next Summer. I had my heart set on this year but everything happens for a reason! 
And Lastly, racing the Race For Life for the fourth time, now more than ever it was important that I raced to think about everyone who has died of Cancer, including my Grandma. It was nice to race it with Sarah (my sister) and my mum, even if I did race off at the end ;)

As you can tell my 20th year was unimaginable and I couldn't have asked for a better year. 
I have linked any posts that are relevant throughout the post if you want to check them out. 
Thank you to everyone who has made my year and also read my blog, love ya!! 
Here's to another year, 
Love Emma 

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  1. Such a great post, happy birthday! I'm also a July baby :) Soon I'll be 18 :) x


    1. Thank you, when is your bday?? Happy Bday too!! July babies are the best ;)

  2. You have done amazing things wow!!! Hope you had a good birthday.
    Annie xxx