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So with the holidays started (for those not in retail) finding exciting things to do with the run up to Christmas is going to be hard. 
Crafts can be a great thing to start with, they are great for all ages.
I popped into HobbyCraft and they had some great ideas.
Shoutout to +Keira Bowman and My mum for helping me with this. 

1. Make your Own Christmas Cracker

This kit comes with 6 cracker, hats, and jokes.
Although you have to be over 21 to purchase this as it has the snapper inside

 It is super easy and very quick.  It has the instructions on the back so like I said it is very easy. 
All you do is lay the joke and hat on top of the cracker which is laying flat and add an extra treat. 
I have gone for the good old chocolate as you can't go wrong but you can add actual gifts or you can leave it empty.

You then have to fold the cracker into each, placing the tab in the slot to secure it together.

Then you take the silver metallic ties and tie them together. 

You can make a bow if they are big enough but I just went for a standard knot. 

Then you can decorate it however you like, I did plan on covering it with glitter but I  didn't have enough so I left them all plain.

Something that would be nice is writing people name or Christmas phases. Make the cracker your own. 

I plan to use them on Boxing Day on our tables but I have popped them on our tree just now. 
They are so cute.

2. Make your Own Christmas Decorations

This craft comes with 3 different patterns and an array of lace and buttons

 This craft is a little harder... Or maybe for those who aren't great at crafts! 

With this, you need to have needle and thread and a little bit of patience. 
It does have the instructions on the back but the first step is to create the design on the front.
They are several pieces of lace and buttons so you have a great choice. 

After you have sewed the design on the front you have to place the fluff/inside in between each side.
It instructs you to pin the two sides in place, and trust me DO IT. We skipped this stage and it was super hard. Keira did give up half way through.  

Pinning the sides in place makes it easier to sew around each shape as it can be very tricky. But once you have started it becomes a lot easier. 

With help from others (thanks, Mum) I finally finished each three.
I think they look super cute and are perfect for the tree.  

Like I said I think these are two great quick(ish) crafts that would be super fun. 
Hope you all have a great week!!! 
Love Emma 

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