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The fact I am sitting with the curtains shut, with my candles burning and my cozy pjs on, writing my October Favourites makes me extremely happy. 
How fast has October went? I think I say this every month but 2015 is seriously slipping away.... 
So here is my October Favourites:)

Cozy H&M Jumper
I absolutely fell in love with this Mustard high neck jumper from H&M. It wouldn't normally be a colour I would go for but I wanted to step out my comfort zone. 
Like I mention in my Autumn Essentials, wearing a cozy jumpers is a must, and this for sure ticks all the boxes.

NARS Cruella
I purchased this whilst in Florida as I was looking for a darker red lip and have been loving it this month. I think the dark red is definitely a colour for this time of year.
I also love the name.

Zoeva Buffering Brush
As you know I rave about Zoeva all the time but this month I have been loving the Buffering brush.
It wasn't the brush I went for first but after trying it out I can't get enough.
I love how my foundation looks and feels after I apply it, I feel it gives me a smooth flawless finish.

Monkey Nuts. 
Why is Monkey Nuts so popular at Halloween? What have they got in common? I don't know.. But what I do know is when the time comes, I go all out. Every year at this time I become OBESSSED with them. They taste so good and I know eating them means winter is coming.

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes
So I have to mention PSL. I am not going to lie I got sick of them after having one every single day whilst I was in Disney.
I think it is just the hype and the fact I am a white girl but I had to take advantage of Starbucks.
They just so good and literally spicy ahaha.

My last favourite HAS to Phhhoto. As you can see I don't have a lot of followers but it is the best app ever. I seen a lot of celebs post moving pictures and I really wanted to know what app they where using. It basically takes several pictures and makes the into a GIF.
Follow me @Emmalanglands :)

Happy November and all things christmas! 
Let me know your October Favs!
Love Emma 

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