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I have been waiting forever to be able to get my basket and shop the Lush Christmas Products
As you can tell it is my favourite time of year and Lush releasing these products gets me far too excited. 
I hope you enjoy browsing the products and hopefully you can get inspiration to go into Lush yourself.

First of all, back at the start of October I got a message from Keira saying that Lush had brought out an advent calendar. We were super excited, maybe too excited, that we bought it there and then.
We never researched what the 'Sleeps 'till Christmas' was, but we both assumed that is was the advent calendar. Fast forward a couple of days and it arrives on the door step. 
I opened it and knew right away that it didn't look like a advent calendar and right I was to find out that we had ordered the wrong thing :(
It wasn't an Advent Calendar it was just a set, with a countdown on the top. 
But it is still very exciting as it features some of the new range so we were happy anyway.

It contained 6 items. 'Five Gold Rings', 'Snow Angel', 'Intergalactic', 'Father Christmas', 
'Frozen' and 'Peeping Santa'.
As you can see I have already used 'Intergalactic' and 'Frozen. I really needed a bath bomb to relax and I thought they were the least 'Christmassy'.
 I loved 'Intergalactic' for its colours whereas I loved the smell of 'Frozen'
I am exited to use 'Father Christmas' as it smells a lot like Snow Fairy. 'Peeping Santa' is just adorable. I am weary to use 'Five Gold Rings' and 'Snow Fairy' as Lush glitter products can sometimes make my skin greasy but never the less it is still exciting.

I then went into Lush with Keira to browse the collection, there was so much amazing stuff. 
We both got our baskets and went a bit crazy.
As you can see from the picture I picked up 5 things!
'Dashing Santa', ''Yog Nog', Luxury Lush Pud' 'Candy Mountain' and 'Star Dust'.

I picked up 'Dashing Santa' as it looked so cute. It has a citrus, sweet scent. Reading reviews I can't wait for it to turn my bath red.

'Yog Nogwent into my basket as I loved the scent. It has a very sweet smell of toffee. It also has a pretty design. As you can see I have used this already. I absolutely love it. As it says on the website it 'Create creamy, comforting water' and that is exactly what it does. It was so lovely to relax in the bath and just soak. It was so moisturising  which meant I never had to apply
any moisturiser after my bath. It smelled  amazing so I would highly recommend.

Luxury Lush Pud' is probably the bath bomb I am most excited about. Like the others it just screams Christmas and looks adorable. But this one smells like Lavender. I always find lavender bath bomb so relaxing. I am going to wait until Christmas Eve to use this to calm me down ;)

'Stardust' just looked sweet and innocent. Having already used this I can't remember 
exactly how it smelled but is was very sweet.
After it fizzed out there were tiny little multi coloured stars!! Overall I loved this!

Lastly and most importantly CANDY MOUNTAIN! This has to be my all time favourites scents. I can't beat Candy Mountain!
I think someone should start a petition to get Candy Mountain all year round.
I can't wait to use it!

Hope you enjoyed this haul, Let me know if you purchased any? 
Who is excited that it is 32 days until Christmas?!!!
Love Emma 

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