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Happy Halloween!!
IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME. And that only means one thing.... PUMPKINS!! 
Every year since I can remember myself and my family have carved pumpkins so when Keira told me she has never carved a pumpkin I was shocked. 
We decided that it would be a super cute idea for a blog post. 

First the scooping, for some reason my pumpkin was full of seeds so it took me a lot longer than Keira to scoop out all the insides. 
It gets your hands and arms all disgusting but it is definitely a great arm work out. ;)
Last year I saved my pumpkins seeds, It was a great snack but it did cause more
work than I needed so this year I just binned it.

Getting the right picture of the insides was key (Bottom Left)
And then it was on to the face :)


I am not normally good at faces, I end up doing the average pumpkin face but this year 
I wanted to experiment. I decided to upgrade and go for Jack Skellington. 
I thought the eyes were going to be hard but it ended up being easier than I thought. 
We used little pumpkin knife that I got in a set when I was younger so it made it super easier. 

I found cutting the mouth the hardest and I think I ruined it but hey I am really proud. 


With the help of a great Disney Playlists and a fun Sing-A-Long Keira and I finished our pumpkins.

Considering that this was Keira's first time carving I thing she did a great job ;) I do love the idea of the ears. Good job Keeks xox

I am however VERY proud of my pumpkin and it has been the best I have ever done! :)
Let me know what you are up to today? Any Halloween Traditions? 
Hope you all have a spoookkkky day (lol) and eat lots of candy ;)
Love Emma 

Lets see him one more time.

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