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Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while, like I mention I was on a family holiday in Paris so it was a bit crazy and I never had time to write and upload posts. 
But I am back, with, as you can tell from the title a Disney Haul. I only purchased a few things but I thought I would share,.

 This year I really want to change my Christmas decor for my room, I have had the same decor since I was little so I think I need a change.

I saw this and had to buy it, I have never had a wreath before in my room so I thought this would be perfect to start my new decorations. 

As you can see it it is shaped like Mickey Mouse which is super cute. I love the pretty red in the middle.
The gold bobbles have glitter on them whereas the red bobbles are just shiny. 

I am super excited about Christmas so you will definitely see this featured in a Christmas room 

 The next two things are two simple things.
A Minnie Mouse pen. 
My plan was to get a bunch of pens and put them in my room and it would really cute. But they never really had pens that I had in mind.
I purchased the Minnie Mouse one as I never wanted to leave empty handed. 
I remember buying this when I was younger and it was my  favourite pen.

I then picked up this adorable lanyard with Thumper on it. It is meant for collecting pins but I am going to wear it at work to keep my keys and my pass. 

I think the pattern and the colours are super pretty and although its coming into the Winter it definitely is my colours.

Lastly, I FINALLY GOT SVEN. Sven is my favourite character from Frozen. 
Ever since the movie has came out I have been looking for him. 
I have been to Disney several times since the movie came out and they never had him as a stuffed toy. It was always Olaf. But this year I finally got him. 

I first saw him in the shop after the Buzz Lightyear ride(which has to be one of my favourite shops now) and bought him right away. 

What makes it better is that he has a Christmas hat on, I love christmas. I love Sven. So it was a win win. 

I also bought a few gifts for friends which I can't show ;)
I had an amazing time and I can't wait to go back. 
I am thinking of uploading some holiday pics so let me know if you want to see them. 
Hope everyone is having a ball. 
Love Emma 

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