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Wow, I can't believe that I am writing my September favourites. How fast has Autumn came?
However I am definitely not complaining.
Here is a collection of my September favs!


Revlon ColourBurst. 
I was ordering a few products online and came across that these were on offer. I have never really fancied trying these before but I want to broaden my lip collection so I ordered two..
Elusive and Shameless. 
Elusive is my typical colour, a very pretty nude pink whereas Shameless is a purple which has been very useful coming into the autumn. 
I love the velvety matte texture of the lip crayon, it makes my lips feel super soft and moistured. 

Tanya Burr Galaxy Palette 
This palette screams Autumn. It has the most gorgeous gold shades and is perfect for Autumn looks. 
I have been grabbing this a lot this month. 
I did a review on this here

Gel Sensational nails
I go through phases of loving painting my nails and then hating painting them.
Right now I am going through the phase of loving having shellac nails. 
I got this kit for my Christmas last year, it does take longer to do but it is totally worth it. 
It doesn't chip and you don't have to wait on it to dry. 
Black, Coral and Berry have been my go to colours.   


I am planning a full Autumn/Winter fashion favourites so keep a eye out of that.
 But this month I have been loving been able to wear my scarf, I purchased this scarf at the start of the year from H&M and I love it. It is so soft and I love the colours. It is a must have for this season. 

How cute are these?
Primark Pjs
I have been needing to clear my old pyjamas out for a long time but I haven't found the perfect pair to replace them. So when my sister and I went for a shopping trip, I popped into to Primark.
 I am not a big Primark lover anymore but I am really impressed with their nightwear section. 
I opted for two sets. 
This is my favourite as I like to think I am a princess ;) 
Whereas the other set was a maroon Bambi set,  I love the colour and it is perfect for winter. 
Both are super comfy and very cosy. 


Gabrielle Aplin- Light Up the Dark 
If you haven't heard of Gabrielle you 100% have too. I have a massive for a long time and I am so proud that she released her new album this month. 
I absolutely love it, it has more a pop/rock vibes but it fits her voice so well. 
I am also excited that tonight I will be attending her gig :)
Check her out.

The best meal I have ever cooked. 
Chai Tea
I am normally a Green Tea girl, but since the colder weather has begun I find myself craving and good old milky tea. Chai tea hits my cravings, it has a sweet cinnamon taste and it reminds me so much of Christmas. 

Lastly and definitely number one, 
'What is your favourite Fall Vegetable?
-A Sweet Potato' 
Yes, I have ate so many sweet potatoes it is unreal. 
Sweet potatoes fries or Baked Sweet potatoes.
They are one of the super food and they are super tasty.

Let me know what are your September Favourites?
What you looking forward too?
Love Emma

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