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Victoria Secret or more Pink has been one of my favourite shops for a long time, any birthday or Christmas I would ask for their products so as you can tell when I was over in America I went ALL out in VS. 
To list all the products would A. Take to long and B. Be inappropriate.
I did  however, as you can see by the title , pick up some of PINKs body mist. 

 'Sun kissed' which is a mix of Coconut water and Sunny Vanilla. This is definitely a summer scent. I would say it reminds me a lot like suncream, this scents also reminds me of holidays to Malta when I was younger so for me is was a must. 
It is a super soft body mist, although it doesn't last all day like some it was still a great purchase and I will definitely  be using this a lot. 

 'Sweet and Flirty' has to be my favourite out of the three. This body mist has a mix of sugar berry and pink grapefruit with a 'conditioning aloe'.  Sweet scents are always my favourite and this one ticks all my boxes. It is very floral but is very sweet at the same time. 
This body mist lasts a lot longer than the rest which is great as I can wear it all day. 
After wearing it everyday when I was in Florida it will always transport back to the sun.
I would highly recommend this is you love sweet smells. 

'Hot Crush' has a mix of Jasmine and Warm Caramel. This was the last purchase and I have to admit that is my least favourite out the three at this moment in time. 
One of the main reason why is because it is not a overpowering summer scent. The other two are very summery whereas this is tame compared to them. 
I still really love this scent and I think it would be perfect for transitioning between Summer and Autumn. 

Over the next few weeks I will be posting my US vlogs which 
I am very excited about to stay tuned for that. 
Also my posts are hopefully going to be back to schedule. 
Have any of you tried PINKs body mists? Let me know?
Love Emma

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