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Hauls are, as you can see, are my favourite posts, I really love reading and watching them and it might be because I am nosey but I find it really interesting.
I recently went shopping with my sister Sarah, and one of the shops I went into was Lush. I haven't actually  purchased anything for Lush myself, I have always received them as a Christmas/Birthday gift. So this was very exciting for me to pick the products myself. 
This is what I filled my little basket of goodies with.... 

"Twilight"- £3.95
Firstly, it just looks pretty and if it looks pretty then it will definitely go in my basket. 
Secondly, it wouldn't really be the smell I would normally go for, I love sweet scents but I love this. 
It is a gorgeous Lavender scent and will be perfect to have a relaxing, calming bath. 

"The Comforter"- £4.75 
Ever since Gabriella and Zoe featured in one of their videos back in 2014 I have wanted to try it, a year later and I finally have my hands on it. It has a very sweet smell of Blackcurrant which is a win for me. It is also very large which means I will be able to get several uses out it. I am very excited to use it. 

"Sex Bomb" £3.35
I have actually had this before so I know I will love it. Like Twilight the bath bomb itself is super pretty,  I especially love the little rose in the middle. 
It is equally pretty when the bath bomb is in the water. It makes your bath a beautiful pink with extra floating roses. 
It has a very floral and feminine scent which in turns makes you feel and smell clean. 
I would really recommend this bath bomb. 

"Creamy Candy" £2.75 
This is and will always be one of my favourites products from Lush. Every set I have received has had this bubble bar inside. It smells super sweet and reminds me a lot of "Snow Fairy".
It is my favourite Lush scent so I had to pick up two. It will create lots of bubbles in my bath, changing the water to a pretty pink. 
It is also very gentle to my skin and will make your skin feel very soft. 
I will definitely be purchasing this again and again ;)

"Yuzu and Cocoa" £3.65 
 I was standing in the queue with my basket full of varies pink products when this caught my eye, I guess you have to smell everything in Lush just in case and I so glad I did. 
The main reason I pick it up was because it was shaped as a macaroon and it looked so cute. 
The scent surprised me as it was more citruses than I imagined but I fell in love.
In my opinion, it smells like a Tropical fruit smoothie with a mix of Summer. 
It isn't something I would normally pick up but I just loved it. 

If I could of I would have picked up the whole shop but I am very happy with what I bought.
Hope you are having a fab week.
What are your favourite Lush products?
Love Emma 

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