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I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sad that I am writing my July favourites. My holiday is over. I had such an incredible 3 weeks, it was seriously a holiday of a lifetime.

I spent waaaay to much money, eat out far too much, got burnt... But I gained out of this world memories, had a fab time with my family and archived a lot of things that I would never would of thought I would achieve.

So it goes without saying my Number One favourites HAS to be AMERICA! I never would of imagine myself in America, In Vegas... And definitely not in Harry Potter Land. 
The whole holiday was so amazing that I could talk all day but I want to do a full highlights post so I will stop there. ;)

Carrying on the U.S. theme my top TV series this month is 'New Girl'. It is super funny and such a fun show. It is so quirky and so easy to watch. 
It kinda sucks that it is only on the U.S. Netflix so I am binge watching them right now. I will definitely have to find some way do watching it. 

Theme of this post is U.S so I must mention my favourite store Francesca's. If I could I would buy the whole store, they store is super cute and totally my style, I made I post of my first purchases (here), I did however picked up a few another things which I am sure will feature somewhere.

could talk all day about how much I love the store so I will move onto my fav U.S candy. Ice Breakers. I have heard and seen a lot of people talk about how much they love this candy but I could never get my hands on them. 
I finally did and I am so happy. The Wintergreen mint and the Sours are probably my favourites.

The last item is not exactly American but I  had however been using and loving it over there. Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh was my holiday scent. Before leaving to fly to Vegas I had a quick look in Duty Free, I really wanted a summer fresh scent to take with me. This was just perfect. 
First of all the bottle is beautiful and is definitely what drew me in. It is pretty and if I could be a perfume bottle that would be be. It will fit ... in with my decor in my room. 
Secondly,  It is so light and sweet and is very girly, This will be my summer scent 2015. 

Lastly, I want to mention how lovely it has been having all the family together. It has definitely been a holiday to remember and I'm so happy to off spent it with my family. 

Soppy part over, I have been filming throughout  my holiday so expect vlogs soon. I am also upgrading my laptop so again bare with me. 

What are you July favs?! Let me know if you have been anywhere nice on holiday? 
Love Emma 

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