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So I am super excited about writing this as it means that August is over and my favourites months are coming. The 'Ber' months and that means cosy jumper snd snow and sweater weather and christmas. Okay maybe I'm getting ahead of my self but I am excited. 

So these are the things I have been loving in August.

Number one of this month would have to be Swimming. 
Swimming every day in America made me feel great, so when I came back home my mum and I wanted to carry on. So we have been trying to go at least twice a week at our local pool. Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy really helps with motivation

As much as I love reading I have never really found time to chill and read properly, after my Lush haul and my new bath bombs I have certainly got into reading whilst in the bath. It is such a quit calm time.
I eventually finished Looking For Alaska which was so sad but I loved it. John Green is a great writer so I knew I would love it. I hope it is made into a film.
Also after hearing a lot of reviews I finally purchased Gone Girl. It isn't normally a book I would go for but so far  it is been griping and I am really excited about finishing it.

Make-up wise I have been loving the HourGlass Ambient Light palette. My friend Keira generously bought me this as a gift for my birthday and it is beautiful. It is the perfect highlight. My favourite shade would definitely have be Incandescent Light which is gorgeous to brighten my cheekbones. 

My shade that I bought was 'Blonde' and is perfect for me.

Benefit Gimme Brow has also been up on top this month. I purchased this in Sephora whilst I was in America and I have used it ever since. I still stand by using my Naked Basic 2 shade 'Cover' but this is perfect to set my brow or if I am in a hurry.
I think this product would be great for anyone who is just starting using make-up, it is simple and easy and isn't too extreme.

My last favourite of this month and id definitely an obsessed right now is Mac Pro-Long wear Paint Pots.
I first bought 'Fancy Frosting' in an outlet in Naples and feel in love, I have since bought 'Vintage Selection' and 'Let It Pop'.
I find them so handy and easy for days where I don't have a lot of time. All these shades are gorgeous on there own, but equally, used as a base with other colours.

Let me know what you have been loving in August?
Have a great Sunday!
Love Emma

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