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So as you know I have been away on holiday over the last couple of weeks and I have noticed my every day routine has changed. I thought I would share what I am currently using!

In order of how they are on the picture I have been loving Neutrogen Cream Cleaners to help my break outs. I felt that my wipes were not cutting it, I felt my face was gross and not clean. I popped into Walgreens and bought this. I love it. Like it says it feels so creamy and really helps tame my face

Next up is my Clearasil Rapid Action Scrub. I brought this along with me but it has worked perfectly. It is great every couple of days if I have had sun cream on. It helps freshen my face, I would highly recommend it.  

Skipping down to my moisturiser I have been loving Soap and Glorys The Fab Pore.  As I mentioned in my June Favourites, finding the right moisturiser has been really difficult but this is perfect. It has work wonders on my skin in the heat.  

Body wise I have been using Soap and Glorys Sugar Crush Body Scrub. I have been using it to help with my itchy skin . I don't react well to heat, sunscreen is always needed  so this is ideal to get rid of any sunscreen of my face. 

Lastly which was a purchase over here is the Crest 3D White toothpaste. The whiting strip have been my holy grail in keeping my teeth white so I thought I would give this a bash. I wouldn't say however it is any better than Oral B All in one toothpaste, but it is a fab replacement.

Thank you all for you amazing patience. 
What have you been taking with you on holiday? Let me know! :) 
Love Emma

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