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Starting this week I had a MASSIVE Spring/Summer clean of my room. I got rid of a lot of things from my childhood and it was hard. But then I realised that, that is what growing up is all about .I found both these quote perfect so I thought I would share.


             I want to make my room, my place. A place that I can be happy in. Get rid of negativity and the past and start again. 

The reason I did a massive spring clean is because I am getting a new piece of bedroom furniture. I am super excited about,it and  I am hoping to be able to do some sort of room tour/ideas so keep a eye out for that. 

   Also my friend Keira (bluefinblush) have bought a vlogging camera which we hope to start making YouTube videos with so keep tabs on that!! Hope you are having a wonderful week!! 
See you Sunday :)
Love Emma

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