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Hey m'lovelies, Over the last few days I have been purchasing a few bits and pieces  that I am excited to share!! Enjoy.


The Mindfulness Colouring Book- Emma Farrarons 
I have been meaning to buy one of the anti-stress colouring books for quite some now, I really like how simply  the idea of colouring in!! I purchased this of of Amazon and I love it!!! The pictures are somewhat kid like drawn which makes colouring them in very easy to do. 
It does what it says, it is very soothing and makes a Lazy day very peaceful!! It great addition to my lazy day routine

RT Miracle Sponge - £5.99
Maybeline Fit Me - £5.99
 Both of these items were purchased of Feel Unique. Since my holy grail Collection 2000 concealer has became extremely popular, it has sold out everywhere. I was recommended Maybeline Fit Me Concealer and  Rimmel London concealer but unfortunately Rimmel was sold out. So  I purchased the Maybeline FitMe  in the Shade 15.  I  absolutely love it. I would say it is a pretty great match to Collection concealer. It is a great colour as well as really creamy. I will definitely be purchasing again.                    
Like the book I have been wanting to buy some sort of Make-up sponge for a while. Since I have been watching quick tutorial on Instagram I have seen a lot of them using a sponge. While purchasing my concealer I picked up the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.   I bought this so I can get a feel for it and see if I like it as I am looking to buy a Beauty Blender.However I really love how it makes me make-up look on my face. It applies both foundation and concealer perfectly.
Floral Crop Top- £14 
Fashion wise I went into Next. As you know I am going way to America in the summer and I have been picking I few items up as I go. I was given a £15 Next gift card as a gift so I thought I would have a look. 
I picked up this super cute floral crop top.I really love the colour and  thought it would be perfect for the summer, I thought this would be perfect for night time meals but It can be worn everyday or can be dressed up.
This was a really good price at £14, I am super excited to wear it :)

Watermelon clutch - £8 
Last but not least, This super fun Watermelon clutch bag. Since working at Matalan I have picked up a few things over time. But this has to be my favourite. 
My favourite fruit in the summer is Watermelon so I feel in love with this.. How cute is it?!?
The clutch was £8 but I did get some staff discount. I think this would be a perfect cute bag for a summers night.  I seriously can't wait to use it.

Hope you enjoy this haul!! 
I am super excited for my holidays so expect lots of holiday post!
What are you favourite shops at the moment?
Let me know?!
Love Emma 

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  1. I need that clutch bag 😍😍😍

  2. I really like that colouring book x and my favourite, I think I can say, my all time favourite shop is H&M, I always find there something I like :)

    1. Yessss, H&M is one of my favourite shops!!! so true :)