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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter, eat as much chocolate as can and enjoy family time!!!.... 

The end of March has came around so quickly!! It doesn't feel a whole month since I wrote my February favs! I guess I am excited that it is coming into to spring... I am a Winter Girl but I am tired of the horrible weather.. So hopefully April will bring more sunshine... Fingers crossed!!  


Falsies Maybeline Mascara- Now I purchased this a good while a go, it was my favourite mascara. I know that this  is bad but I kept using the same tube that I had been for a while. It wasn't exactly doing its job and I didn't like it, but after finding a new one is my collection I started to re used it!!! 
absolutely love it, I have no curl to my eyes and this one does the job.. It has good coverage over the lash without going clumpy, the curved brush will always make my lashes look very long... It is my go to mascara this month and I think it will continue for a long time!! 

Lush lip scrub Bubblegum- I have heard amazing things about this product for a very long time but never really got round to buying it. I guess I never real needed it, but over the last two months my lips have been really bad.. Really dry and sore. So I thought I would bite the bullet and purchase it... 
It is amazing!!!! You only really need a little bit into your finger and then apply to your lips and rub!!!! I believe it is like a exfoliater for your lips!! It makes my lips feel very soft and not to mention tasting incredible. The bubblegum flavoring adds a bonus as you can lick it off. Like my mascara I think it will be a lifelong favourite 

Cinderella Highlighter.,,. 
 I had to mention one of these products.. as I purchased the Mac Cinderella collection at the start of the month.. I reviewed it here... And after using all the products this was my fav.. Like I said in the post I had been looking for a highlight for a long time and this is perfect! It gives a perfect subtle glow to the face and it is a definite in my everyday make up!!' 

Random Favourites 

This again is something I've had for nearly a year! I revived my Fujifilm Polaroid for my 19th Birthday last year and I am completely in love, but I have it really need using it for special  occasions. But this moth k have used it a lot... I adore hanging them on my wall. I can't wait to take more!!!! 

The food product I have been enjoying has been Almond butter. I am not a big fan of peanut butter but I did want something that I could spread on rice cakes or for a quick snack. So when I seen this in my supermarket I thought i would give it a go. 
The best way I have it is on rice cakes, it adds a sweet flavour as a perfect snack, I always put half a spoonful into my porridge in the morning and again it gives a very sweet flavouring!! 
It is also a lot healthier than peanut butter and I would totally recommend. All of course is GF 

After watching the Hobbit with my family my favourite song is I See Fire-Ed Sheeran! 
I am a massive fan of his and his album is always on repeats but this month I just can't stop singing this song.. The first part gets me every-time ... 

Pretty Little Liars HAS to get a mention after the long awaited reveal if 'A'. I've loved PLL for over two years and I've became obsessed but the last season has been so nail biting. Season five has definitely been my fav... I can't believe we know and at the same time we don't know who a is.... I honestly can't wait until June!!! 

Hope your having a great day!!! 
 What are your March Favs?! What are your Pll theories?! 
  Love Emma xox 

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