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Everyone has their beauty essentials or their go to make-up!! I'm certainly not any different, 
These are my beauty essentials I could not live without....
 Nars Sheer Glow.....
    I purchased this in the middle of 2014 and has been my favourite foundation ever since, trying to find a good coverage foundation that doesn't go cakey is hard but this is perfect!! I would say it has medium to high coverage but you can certainly build. It leaves my face looking very smooth...

Eye lash curlers.
    I have red, ginger, strawberry blonde hair.. Which means my eyelashes are super light!! This gives me really nothing to work with, on top of that I have no curl to my eyelashes... I own Models Own eyelash curlers as well as a heated eye lash curler...I can't leave the house without either one of them. Both do a really good job on my eyelashes, making them the best they can be!! 

To enhance my short, light, non-curly eye lashes I need to use a great mascara. Like I said in my March favourites I use  Maybeline the Falsies!! It has been a staple in my make up collection last month. Two coats maybe three aswell as using  my curlers do the best job ever!!!!!

Collection 2000 Concealer is a god send!! I rely on this concealer so much. It gives great coverage and is so easy to appply. I use it to highlight and if I am having a particularly good face day, I will use it as my base,I have heard and seen a lot of Beauty Youtubers talk about this and I can definitely see why they love it.

Bronzer, like I said in my make addict tag I couldn't live without bronzer!! I honestly love the way it can complete and change your face!!! My must have bronzer is Mac Natural Finish in medium!! I have fair skin so this really does the job, it gives a natural coutour and a natural warmth. I also use MUA bronzer as an everyday bronzer, this is slightly darker but I would apply a little less,. Coming into the summer, Using bronzer will be great to give the warmth to your face.  

Perfume..... you always have to smell nice right?!? Going to the shops or going out at night everything is better when you smell nice... I have quite a few perfumes but my essential is Chanel Chance, I was given this as a 16th birthday gift and ever since I have been given it atleast 3 times! It is 100% my favourite perfume!! Every day perfume I do love are Britney Spears-Curious and One Direction- Our Moment.  

Love Emma xox

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