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Hey m'lovelys, Hope you are all having a great day.

For me Make-up Brushes are one of the most essential things to make or break your make-up look... I feel that you need the right brushes to create the perfect face... so here are my Top 5 brushes...

The first brush is the Sephora 57 Pro Airbrush Conceal brush.. I purchased this in Sephora whilst on holiday in Milan with my family and it is a brilliant brush!! 
I use it with my concealer to cover up my problems areas and I feel it makes these area look smooth and flawless. 
The brush is super soft and very easy to use!! It is very worth the money  and I would certainly recommend!! 

The second brush is Real Techniques Bold Metallic Oval Shadow brush...
This brush is meant for your eyes and it is a very good Eye brush however I use it as a concealer brush!! I feel that this brush is the right shape and well as having the right fluffiness for a perfect concealer brush. I use this brush more for highlight rather than my problem areas. But both this and my Sephora Brush is a perfect match. 
This is my most recent purchase, aswell as it being an amazing brush, the Bold Metals collection is beautiful.. 

The third brush on my list is Sephora 73 Crease brush... 
Again I purchased this whilst in Milan! I would definitely say it was a dupe for MAC 217, I had been looking for a blending/fluffy brush for a long time and heard amazing reviews about MAC 217... I was on my way to the MAC counter as I seen this brush... 
It is a perfect shape for blending and it holds a lot of product! It creates the perfect look without shedding! This brush is very affordable and a must have in your make-up collection. 

                                                                    Number four is Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.... 
This has to be my all time favourite foundation brush! Having went through a phase of using my fingers (I know, disgusting) I found Real Techniques brushes, thanks to my sister. I firstly swore by Real Techniques buffing Brush, I loved it and it made my make-up apply really nice But then I purchased the Expert Face brush for my friends Christmas, I had forgot my brushes one day after staying over and she was really kind in letting my borrow her brush.. I was in love... The foundation went on so smoothly and it sat perfectly!! 
I automatically put it on my Christmas list last year and was super lucky to have received it!!! The brush is super soft yet it gives a very good coverage and like I said it makes my face look smooth and flawless. 

The last brush and right now my favourite is Real Techniques Cheek Brush... 
Like all Real Techniques brushes it is super soft and very good value. This came in a set name Nics Picks, and I believe it was a set exclusive.
 I use this firstly as a bronzer brush, the dense bristles means I can build colour and create perfect        contour. I then use it for my blush, again the soft dense brush means I can build colour. 
   It is very easy to use and gives a lovely effect!! I would highly recommend if you can get your hands on it!! 

What is your top brushes? Leave in the comments any recommendations?! 
     Love Emma xox

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