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So I thought I would follow up from my Gluten free blog. I thought it would be helpful to give you my favourite Gluten-free Snacks, products and restaurants...  

Favourite  snacks....  

  •   Rice cakes w/ almond butter( This is probably my new favourite snack!
  •   Dates(I would say chopped are my favourite!!)               
  •   Almonds(Such a great snack and a great source of calcium)      
  •   Carrot Stick (Chopped them up in the morning and snack through your the day!!) 
  • ....Chocolate Raisins (this would be my favourite 'sweet' snack!! Most are GF but I would recommend checking that packaging!)

Top Products                  

 I wouldn't say I was the biggest bread eater and since being gluten free I am less likely to actually to eat it but I would definitely say that my favourite bread is Genius bread!  Any other pieces of bread that I have tried are all very dry and lack flavour if you follow a GF diet you will know what I mean by 'Just wanting a normal piece of bread'.   

My other favourite brand is Eat Naturalthey do amazing protein bars ( My favourite being the Brazil, Sultana and hazelnuts bar). Their gluten free toasted muesli with buckwheat is also a must have.... 
Nakd bars are also my top, they count as one of your five a day and for me they taste like sweets!! My favourite ones are Cashew cookie and Rhubarb and Custard! 

Like I said in my last post knowing what is naturally GF is always a bonus!! Don't always head to the 'Free From isle, research!! 

Best food places- 

Prezzo has to be one of my fav places, their website is very clear and they know a lot about being gluten free!! 
There Ice Cream and Hazelnut  bombe desert is Gf and is to die for!! *inserts heart eyed emoji*
Prezzo Allergen advice is here 

Pizza Hut has definitely the best pizza, having tried so many different places they have to be the number one!!! It's the one pizza that taste the closest to 'normal pizza'. Most toppings are also gluten free and I know that the BBQ dip is GF!! 

Their desert is delicious too, after querying what was Gf I found that there Brownie sundae was. 
Normally the only gluten free desert is ice cream/sorbet its is nice to have something different!! Pizza Hut Allergen Advice here 
In terms of my favourite pasta I wouldn't say I have it a lot going out. I feel it is so easy to have at home that I tend to opt for pizza however a Restaurant in my area Gigis is my favourite pasta. 


My best tip is to be prepared, researching can never harm and going in with knowledge is always best. BUT always make sure, I would say always ask and make them aware of your intolerance. Either your server or a manger can be the best help. 
 There are times when there can be things cooked/fried with a gluten product which in turns makes it not suitable. Menus change all the time as well so always check!!  Better be safe than sorry!! :) 

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Gluten Free top picks are?
Love Emma xox

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