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So my whole, 'I'm starting to blog more' when down the toilet! A lot of hard things have happen since then, and are still going on but I will try the best that I can to blog. 

I'm going to start with reviewing the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean deep purifying cleaner. 

About a year ago I had a lot of  problems with my skin, I am not sure whether it was to do with Christmas and all the rich/unhealthy food I was overindulging on. What ever it was I had A LOT of break outs.
I did try a few different cleansers, although it never made it worse, it certainly never made it better. I then went into Boots looking for something else and seen that Soap and Glory had brought out a beauty collection, what took my attention where the OFF YOUR FACE 3-in-1 daily purifying cloths. I thought I would give it a go.  I am so glad I did, they cleared my skin up pretty well and I was really happy. They became an essential when taking my make-up off, repurchasing them several times.   

At the start of this year, once again my skin was bad, not as bad as last year but it was still bad. My work schedule has increased which meant I was and I am wearing make-up most days, I felt that the wipes were just not cutting it, I felt my skin felt very groggy afterwords. 

I still was on the lookout for a Cleanser but I had just not found the right one, I decided to go into boots again and check out what they had. 
I automatically went to the Soap and Glory section, and I was very delighted to see that they did have a cleaners. I was also very happy that, the cleanser and the wipes both contain Peach and Go juice extract. I knew the wipes work so seeing they included the same ingredients, made me purchase it right away!  

Day One.
I applied on my  face and rinsed of in the shower, I felt I had to put a tiny bit more on after cleaning and but this time I left  it on for about 5 minutes and then washed it off, my f
ace felt very clean! Very happy!!

Day Two
I bought a face cloth, applied, left on for about 10 mins and then washed of with face cloth! I felt using the face cloth really helped take it all off. Was very pleased with this!! All my make up came of and my face felt clean and smooth.

Day Three 
I only had a little amount of make-up on today which made it super easy for me. I applied 1 and a half pumps to my face, and washed it off. Extremely happy. 

I still use the wipes in the morning when I wake up, as part of my skincare routine and I also feel that this work well too.

Over all I am very happy with this product, very easy to apply and very good quality.
The only thing I have to say is the does not a have a distinguished smell, I was expecting it to have a strong peach smell. 

I'm very excited to continue to use this product, I hope it does good things!! 
I am however looking for some kind of moisturiser, I was thinking trying another S&G product?! 
Any ideas comment below!

Thank you!! 
Hope everyone is having a great day, 


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